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winning back my ex-gf, help me...


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hi, im 19 and i can honestly say i know what true love is at such a young age. dont tell me that im too young, ive heard it plenty times before. heres my story, okay about a year ago me and my ex-gf parted ways. i was to into becoming something and making money. we both agreed that down the line we'd be together again, we were each others first true love. shes taken now, and the time away from her, ive only grown to love her more, im more mature as well and i know the patience and understanding that goes into an adult relationship. i say im happy for her, but i know i myself am miserable. i mean your true love is gone and away...with a meat-head wrestler. she was with me when i was nothing, and now that im something i have her to thank..because she inspried me to be something great and i can thankfully say i am something great.. i wont say what i do, or who i am. anyways, i want to fight for a better future for me and her, im willing to do whatever it takes. i write music for her that never gets played. she means so much to me and she knows it, and yet she acts like i dont exist. but i know she cares cause when my name is dropped she gets frozen. basically i need to know if its a good idea to fight the good fight, or to stand back let the meat-headed wrestler drop-out have her.. i figure i have nothing to lose, ive been single for too long, this will be my last fight if not my last goodbye... i just need some input and maybe some advice on how to wha techniques to get her back. i mean i know any girl would be happy to have me, but i dont care, ive been around the world and i know home is with her. so please help me....

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Funny....See I'm your age, and I've been all around the world, sometimes travelling under the guise of vacation while really just trying to get away from all the mess in my head. And like you I know what true love is.


My advice to you would be to first off think over why she now acts like you do not exist. If you feel then that you have a chance to set things right, you should tell her how you feel. Also...maybe try writing letters - not to give to her, but as if you were to give them to her. To straighten out the thoughts in your head, and what you want to say to her, the best way is sometimes to put it in writing.

Good luck.

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