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Love or just a kind of dependancy?

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my original story is at ( link removed )


So I was thinking about this last night (like there is a time I don't think about it )


Am I really in love with this girl? Or could it be some kind of weird dependancy, because I trust her with so much information that no one else gets to hear?


I usually initiate contact with her (which makes me feel like she is just trying to be nice and I am always bothering her). She does trust me with some emotional details but I do not think she is willing to "tell all" like I am. That's ok, but is that just because she doesnt feel comfortable telling me yet?


The reason I really think it could just be a dependancy issue is that sex doesn't play a large role in why I want to be her boyfriend. What I want most from our relationship is the closeness, when I have a problem she won't be out with her boyfriend and when she has a problem I can help her. I want to feel like I am not always alone in everything I do.

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It seems to be that the two of you are just friends and nothing else. Has she ever expressed to you that she has feelings for you other than just friends? Though you care for her and want more in the relationship I wouldn't push it to hard because she may only see you as a friend. Women in general have an easier time than guys do to be able to be friends with the opposite sex. Don't do anything your not sure of because you could lose her as a friend. On the other hand if you never tell her how you feel, it'll eat you up. For me, I would want to see if there could be more because I hate to have any regrets of what could be. At least I would know one way or the other. It's easy to feel like your dependent on someone. Maybe you should take a step back and let things go for a bit and see if she comes to you. to talk. Hopefully things will go your way.

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I thnk you shouldnt ask her if she likes you more straight out i think you should tell her how you feel.....and i really really feel you should just tell her exactly what you wrote in your post just now, it says it all and it says it simply and hey it even got me feelin it...you said it well just tell her that and then ask.....but your right you gotta know and theres nothing worng with that! i wish u the best luck!!

and yes you are in love, i always find myself wondering things liek am i really in love , maybe im just needing someone badly right now but its usualy i think this when im egttin worried or maybe dont want to be in love with them and tryin to convince myself im not in love but your here online asking and your always thinking about her, your in love, and i know you know it.

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