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Bad sign or shy guy trait?

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Whenever I see any person I know anywhere, im not the kind to usually stare, but I do sort of look at the person for atleast 5 seconds, checking to see if he or she'll look back so i can smile or say hi!..(its a habit). If they dont, I just look away.


Now, with this guy I sort of have a thing for, I guess I do it everytime.

The other day I saw him in the grocery store. Was standing at the bakery section, and about 10 feet away, I see him walking by and looking straight ahead in his direction.

So I end up looking at him..(Thinking -oh my god its him!! and then just wondering if he'll look my way so that i can say hi or something- which goes on for 5 seconds).


So this guy, slightly turns his head (probably because he senses someone watching him) and just before his eyes reach me, he figures out its me..(from the corner of his eye) looks straight back ahead and gets a big smile/grin.


He does this a lot Ive noticed..and that would mean I'm subconsciously looking at him more, even though im not really "checking him out".

So am I being a source of amusement for this fellow because he is generally quite shy around me too?

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Yeah, he likes you. I'd say you should ask him out.


seriously?? wow, but I thought the fact that he wasnt looking back directly at me but instead grinning about the fact that I was looking at him made me feel like hes enjoying my attention, in an ego boosting way.


Which would be mean, and make me a joke.

But yeah, he does it a lot.

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