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next time i see her


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I met this girl online dec. 22 and i went to her house dec. 31 to celebrate new yrs it was supposed to go to a party but we just stayed at her house from like 6pm to 1am. Everything was amazing but to this point I havent seen her since. So we are a month into our relationship and only seen eachother one time. We talk on the internet like every few days. I have a lot going for me with school and work and she has kind of been struggling in her life with work and getting a place to live. Basically she has completely busy and its really hard for her to even see me now. Its been 20 days since i seen her and i think we might be able to see eachother next weekend and i want to make it special was wondering if you guys think if i should buy her anything. btw we have expressed to eachother that we really really do like eachother and we have a ton in common and also havent had a single disagreement. Everything is perfect except with the bump in the road of not being able to actually see her. I am almost 100% certain she isnt covering anything up cuz she explains everything to me like everytime i talk to. All i know is once we really get into the swing of things of a relationship she is going to have a lot of 'making up' to do, not that i hold this against her at all. but she is trying to prove herself to be with me and i keep telling her i promise im not going anywhere. i guess i reinterated that i want to be here for her and have a relationship with her. i want a movie nite with her cuz Saw3 is coming out on DVD and she was going to see it in theaters, but her boyfriend broke up with her that day and he took some other girl. I think seeing the movie will be a little significate. any other ideas? I know this is a very unique situation that me and her are in.


she is really trying to move out of her moms (10 min from me) she was at her dads for a week (35 min from me) and now she is kind of at her moms or a friends. she works like 35 min from me. its not that she doesnt want to see me. everytime we talk we say how much we miss eachother and want to see eachother. she just started this job this week and she is kind of tied of into it. i know this is gonna phase over really soon and i see such a ton of potential in her so i want to persue a relationship with her as does she with me.

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Don't start a relationship if you don't have the time to invest in it.


The extreme busyness better be over real soon and you two settling down within a relative extend of time so you two can live for eachother instead of your jobs/school/studies and whatever.


This because if you never see eachother, you might as well consider yourself separated.


So in all of this time is of the essense ,make sure you have enough of it to spend on eachother, or bail out.

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