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Question about "dating" someone

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me and this girl have been talking for about a month now, we've been to the movies twice, ive been to her house twice and shes been to mine once and we've kissed on several occasions and talk on the phone for at least an hour usually each day, but the other night (friday night) i asked her if she would date me she thought for a sec and i asked her if she wanted to think about it for a bit, she said ok


so sunday night i went over to her house but didn't get an answer yet, how long should i let her "think about it" before asking her again?

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How do you feel about her taking time to think about it?


You've seen eachother on average once a week, if not more, and you talk on the phone an hour a day (isn't this dating?).


What prompted you to ask the question? Were you unsure of where you stood or did you feel good about it and want to make it more official....or....?


How was your time together on sunday?


Just something to think about..you don't have to answer!


She could feel pressured if you bring it up too soon. Obviously I can't know this though!

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As much time as she needs. You're enjoying each others company are you not? So why not just sit back and enjoy the ride. She knows how you feel and when/if she decides to change the direction she'll let you know. You've put the ball on her side of the court.


I hope this helps.

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To me, you are dating...


You see each other regularly, talk regularly, kiss regularly - yep, you're dating!! I wonder if it's all in the terminology, about what people call different stages. To me, you're in the early stages of seeing each other - I think this is the best time in some ways, all fizzing excitement, nerves and happiness!


Just carry on asking her out on erm, dates! See how it goes, enjoy being with each other...



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