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Hey guys, sorry about multiple threads here but......



It's really beginning to happen.


You all know how it feels when the dumping happens, we feel lost, no future, the weight of the world is crashing on us and we feel "trapped" and stuck in limbo. Very scary stuff.


Now I can see myself. I'm in the future.

Time has passed. I'm not healed but I can see life continuing on.


My identity is returning, slowly.


Kind of like a ball of tangled string.

At first it's a big mess and you dread having to straighten it out.

You try working on one knot, then you have to go back and pull in another direction. It feels like it's never going to get untangled and you want to give up but you can't.

Well, it's beginning to look like I'm going to get it all back into a nice little ball again.

I've almost got it untangled. I can see an end to the mess.

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