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Hives/rash thing all over arms


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So I went to a club last night for my birthday, drank all sorts of different alcohols...when I woke up this morning, I had a rash all up and down my arms and also hives.


Do you have any idea what it could be from? As far as I know, I'm not allergic to any type of alcohol.


Question # 2: What can I do to get rid of them? They itch like crazy. I know, I know... don't itch them, right? I can't help it.

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I second BTR... Sounds like you just got a coctail of additives that didn't sit well with you.


Sometimes I get a rash around my mouth from glasses in resturants that don't have all the soap washed out before they poar the drinks in... super sensative that way.


Benadryl also makes this wonderful gel that works wonders....

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Your body chemistry actually changes over time and you can develop allergies to things that you were not formerly allergic to. It would be hard to say what it was though since you mixed alot.


BTR is right- 50mg of Benedryl and some Calamine lotion should calm things down. If they do not improve by tomorrow you should go to the docs and they may prescribe a steriod for a few days.


Just make sure you are in for the night when you take the Benedryl- since it makes you sleepy!

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Hey there,


A few years ago, I broke out hives ALL over my body. Really bad too, it looked like someone took me outside and whipped me from head to toe. NO LIE! I have no food allergies, I am not allergic to poison ivy, oak...none of that. To do this day, how and why I got those hives remain a mystery.


What helped me, Benedryl. Since I did not have insurance at the time, I was not able to see a doctor. I think my hives were severe enough for a steriod shot. But Benedryl was the only drug with enough anti-hystamine in it to control the itching and welts. But do not use the Benedryl cream and Benedryl pills at the same time! Use one or the other. Word of caution though, Benedryl can make a person very drowsy. So be careful driving, using machinery, and so forth.


Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you so much for the replies...


I know I'm not allergic to sulfides. I drink wine a lot (not last night, though)


I think I'll go get some benadryl right now... and some cortisone... it just keeps getting worse! Just in time for my romantic weekend with the boyfriend. perfect.

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Basically, the human body breaks down alcohol in the liver. Alcohol is basically poisonous to the body (i.e. "dead drunk"), but in small enough amounts the body can handle it. When the liver cannot break down the alcohol, either due to damage from alcohol abuse or due to too much alcohol in the system, the alcohol begins to poison the body. This can be mild and cause skin blotching or rashes, or it can be severe and cause people to go into a coma. Some people have allergies to alcohol and when they drink too much, they actually have an allergic reaction just like an insect bite, etc. If someone suffers alcohol poisoning, it usually means that they have drunk way too much alcohol or their liver is damaged.

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