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jealous boyfriend, soon to be ex


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me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 years. To start the relationship off, he lied to me for 6 months and forgot to tell me he had a 4 year old daughter. Now,I stuck by him and never once had I threw it in his face. I think I am a very understanding girlfirend. The problem is that He tells me that since we are in a relationship together I shouldn't talk to any males (Besides my family) including my gay bestfriend) He has checked my answering machine and stolen my date book to try and catch me in something. I have never cheated on him before. My problem is that all my close friends have been guys I have know since I was 5 and now being 22 I find it hard to say goodbye cause he doesn't like it. I tried talkin to him about it before and told him he needs to get help and he says that I have to help it. Cause he can't do it. What do I do. I love him with everything I have but I can't handle hime anymore, I don't thnk it is right and I question myself on if I am over reacting. He says relationships are about sticking together and working it out, but I think he has gotten out of line numerous times. Any advice????

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first of all, you don't have a problem, your boyfriend does. unless he's willing to acknowledge and deal with his control issues, then the problem will never be resolved. this isn't about jealousy...it's about control. your boyfriend is controlling you by questioning and policing you...and telling you who can and cannot be your friend. i understand you love him, but think about where this could lead...it sounds like he has some of the characteristics of an abuser. perhaps it's not physical now, but it certainly is psychological. but...you already know the answer here, since you've already considered leaving. if he's not willing to get help with his problem, and if you're not willing to be controlled by him because of his problem...then you have to leave. peace.

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