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Used as a safety net?

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When I was at uni I was in love with my best friend ( a guy). He, on the other hand fancied one of my friends (who had a boyfriend). Whenever he needed an ego boost he would call me and like a fool I would go running and fawn all over him. I felt like utter rubbish for two years....I self harmed, I drank too much....whatever. It's horrible. Do NOT accept it!

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EXs that use you as a safety net are doing it because they love the attention you give them. It's purely a selfish move on their part at your expense.


You should not accept this behavior because your EX will walk all over you and get you all mixed up. People that do this are very insecure so the way they feel better about them is to seek validation and praise from you to boost their egos.

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Can you describe the self absorbed emails. I recounted a conversation I had with the ex the other night to a friend and my friend was shocked at how self absorbed she sounded... truth is, it just sounded like her to me.


I am a listener. Always have been in my relationships. So when someone goes on about themselves I have a hard time distinguishing normalcy from self absorption...

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