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hello people, this is my first post on this site. its an interesting site where all the people share emotions and feelings.




my gf is a very jealous person, she hates me talking to my female friends(ive known them since elementary school) and she broke up with me because i wouldnt eliminate them off my list, saying that your friends are more important than i am, i thought a person that dosnt know how to respect ones friends are not good people... it is nobodys right to take away friendship, and shes a heavy feminist so when it comes to women it all goes to hell...

i see all people equally friends are friends, no matter what gender what age they are friends.


i dont want to throw away my friendship for someone selfish that wants to get rid of ones friends...


how do you people think? am i wrong? i have many good friends that are dating other people and they all have serious relations ship, they live in far away countries and i might never see them in person again. i think its very unfair

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welcome to enotalone. I think jealousy, in small quantities, can be a sign of a healthy relationship. But it sounds in your case that she went way overboard. I think it is good and healthy to have friends of the opposite sex, as long as they are just friends and there aren't inappropriate boundaries being crossed. I think you dodged a bullet with this one...


good luck

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well i broke up and its really over, but i still believe that shes very wrong, i cant meet my friends because they live in brazil or they are just online friends... so theres no special relationship in them, they are good friends who are fun to talk with. and she dosnt accept that, its like cheating to her... gibberish i love her more than anything, but i just cant do such thing

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Her reaction is harsh.

We all have a right to choose who we are friends with and who we talk to. She can not dictate your entire life.

She should have met them and tried to make friends with them, that way she'd know who they are and could trust you around them.

That may sound weird and over the top, but some people are really touchy so if you want to stay with someone you have to have the trust, no matter what it takes to achieve it.

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2 words: Control Freak! I think you did the right thing in breaking up with her. How would you live the rest of your life, trying to avoid forming any friendships with women? Can't be friends with a neighbor, a coworker, etc....? that is just ridiculous and not really possible unless you are a hermit and living on a deserted island with no internet connection. I am more than fine with my boyfriends having female friends. In fact, I would be a little concerned if he did not have at least 1 female friend. I would wonder if he hates women or something....

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