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My Story Continued Advice Needed

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So ive been seeing this girl since my last post. (I cant use the term GF for now) Everything is going fine. im trying to rebuild her trust in me. this girl is great, everything about her personality is what i've always dreamed of and she is also pretty and turns me on all the time. We said we would see each other but take things slow but were still having sex. at one point i didnt feel right of having sex with her cause i didnt want to think this was a sex relationship but maybe in some ways it was. So i told her this and we started to take things slow. Even though at times i really wanted to do it with her we didnt. 2 weeks ago she said she was going to California to see family. that friday before she left i wanted to spend time with her and cause i had a Christmas gift to give her. She had other plans and i felt upset. i was surprised she didnt want to see me before she left. So she saw i was upset and changed her plans for me. I was happy about that and it showed she cared. That night she was surprised i got her a gift but didnt get the reaction that i wanted. i got her purfume then she says why didnt you get the one my roommate has. First off i didnt know what it was and i though she would like something different (I liked it). She didnt seem like she appriciated my effort. I was even thinking it was a mistake giving her a gift. But in the end she seemed happy. That night i stayed over and we had sex. We were not going to see each other for 2 weeks and we both wanted it.


When she was in California we're texting each other. i even bought a phone card to call her. (im in Montreal by the way) Everything was good, we were saying that we miss each other and so on and so forth. Then one day she calls me at 4am which is 1am in CA but obviously i was sleeping. the next day i called her and asked her why she called me so late. She said that she saw a show on relationships and they said things never workout. i was so pissed about that. its like whatever we started to build again meant nothing (That was yesterday). i was so angry about that, that i text her not even to bother getting me a X-mas gift from CA if she felt this way. Later on i wanted to talk to her so we spoke. i told her i wanna make thing right again but she didnt seem like she wanted to talk and didnt care. Im confused. I know she is testing me or something. I know she doesnt want to get hurt but even now i have doubt about the way i feel about her. Maybe its the way she feels that is making me wonder.


To be honest, i havent had too many sexual relationships and this one is the most that ive been involved. im scared to let her go and never fine anyone else like her but in the same time i want to sleep with other woman. In my previous post she wanted to have a NC rule but that didnt go down very well and the reason why im seeing her. I was going to respect it cause in a way i wanted to be with more woman but i also didnt want to go by that and have the possibility of losing her. I felt i really messed up something that i would regret for the rest of my life. Sometimes i wish she would have stuck to it but other times im happy im with her again. Sometimes i do feel she wants me to commit to her right away but i cant do that. Only time will tell if this is meant to be or not but in the same time she doesnt want to get hurt. Its like we cant be separated but being together is not always right. I cant let her go i feel strongly about that. Sometimes i feel like she has to prove herself to me to so i dont regret that im with her. In other words i wanna be with her but i want more sexual relationships and thats what is stopping me in saying this is the one for me. how can i base it all on her? It drives me crazy thinking about this.

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In other words i wanna be with her but i want more sexual relationships and thats what is stopping me in saying this is the one for me. how can i base it all on her? It drives me crazy thinking about this.[/quote]


Are you saying you want more sexual relationships or want more "than" sexual relationships?


Big difference...please eleborate

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I read your previous post as well. If you really really cared about her, the excema, your family, and having more sexual experiences would not even be an issue. It sounds to me like you are more in love with the notion of being in love. I think it is time for you both to part so that you both can find more meaningful relationships.

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