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I know u look at my title and ask yourself why you said I’m about 2 tell you see I just found out like 2 hours ago that the boy I was going wit every since I was 13 and that I’m still in love wit is in jail 4 killing his mother boyfriend because his mother boyfriend was beating on his mother the thought of him in jail is making me so unhappy and I want 2 talk 2 him and see him so bad. I love him so much that I would go see him in jail every time I can this so like eating me up inside that he is in jail. What advice or what would I do about this.

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Woah. This is pretty huge. I think you need to find support in your friends and family right now. I'm really sorry this happened to you, and this is likely going to be life altering for you and your boyfriend. I would suggest getting yourself into counselling ASAP. Whatever the reason, he took the life of another, and that's not an appropriate way to resolve an issue of domestic abuse. He is likely going to be behind bars for along time for that. I think, and this may be hard to hear, but you have to distance yourself from this guy. You are young and you still have your entire life ahead of him. Maybe you can still be a friend to him to some extent, but you are going to have to move on from him. He ruined his life, don't let him hold you back and ruin yours too.

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