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She's in my ex's family and there's some issues here..


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hi everybody!


here's a small update on things: ( those of you who don't know anything 'bout it, just search my nick)


So.. My ex and I was talking about getting back together, even though she ahd found a new BF. She had planned a vacation to germany to see her BF and I told her that if she went there there was no way we could get back together. She told me that she just wanted to see how things worked out in Germany and then come back to me, so I gave her the royal boot and bye bye!

I guess she didn't like that very much, because when she came back from Germany two weeks later, her new BF joined her and what really amazed me was that all of a sudden she took a sudden interest in my neighbours, they started to hang out in my neighbourhood and where getting all close and cuddly in front of my house, what's the deal with that?.. I just laughed at them, 'cos it looked like she was trying to tell me something, I just didn't care anymore..

She went around in my hometown telling her friends, our mutual friends and her family how stupid I was, how bad i had treated her and that I was on the verge of breaking down!. So I toled her to give it up while she was still on "top" but I guess it was too late, when her new BF went back home, all she had accomplished by being a total bitch towards me was that she only had one or two real friends left. The rest of the people where I live keep telling me that she is false and is backstabbing everyone she knows, just so she will look good!..


ok, so this saturday I met a new girl, she is amazing! I have known her for quite a while, I just haven't had been on the look-out for a new GF.


It was my birthday this saturday, and some of my friends had gathered together a lot of people in my house while I was out for dinner with my family. An half an hour after my arrival, she came in. And I just couldn't stop looking at her. We started talking and evetually kissing. She told me that she liked me but she didn't want to hurt me, that sounded kinda suspicious so i backed-off for a while.


Later on that evening she approached me and told me that she was thinking about getting back together with her ex. They broke off six months ago, and she believes that he has changed. ok, could be, but not from what I've been told. When that was all said, we started kissing again, and ended up alone in the bedroom. There was some sexual activites going on but nothing big. She once again told me that she didn't want to hurt me, I told her that I wasn't afraid of getting hurt. We joined the others and when it was six o'clock in the morning we separated with some kissing etc..


This girls is the cousin of my ex's mother and that kinda stirres things up a little. She's still one year younger than me, my ex was three years younger than me.


O.k. I can see all the red flares in front of the BIG red STOP sign! Something is telling me to let this girl go. But I just can't stop thinking of her. Come to think of it, we have been looking at eachother and smiled in several occations earlier.. hmm had to be something there.


So what do you guys think?. Is there any possibility of stopping her from going back to her ex? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? I know this ship is worth sailing, I just want to know what's the "right" thing to do.. And I deffinately don't want to hurt her by grabbing her in front of her ex and a way down the road I end up dumping her?!..


Any replies and suggestions are welcome!.

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I think that if she really wants to get back together with her ex then there is really nothing you can do.. you can try to win her over but you can never ever stop a girl from doing what her mind is set to do!! if there is really something great between you two she will eventually realize it and maybe come back around if she chooses her ex.. but maybe she never will choose him if you win her over.. and about winning her over you are probably wondering how to do that.. i couldn't tell you that cuz i don't know her but i know from being a girl.. you like when a guy is sweet and will really do anything for you.. just the sweet little things matter to girls i think anyways.. but i hope i helped ya sorry if i didn't but i tried!

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