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I told her 4 months ago and still I.......

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well if anyone remembers during the summer I fell for a close school friend and it wasn't entirely me I swear she lead me on...like calling me on my work breaks cuz she got scared watching a movie (come on whts a bigger tell sign).


Anyways the previous school year before that summer she just started getting really close to me taggin a long with me everywhere and always buggin me. I told her I liked her (some ppl said to do it and some said don't...her bf said to tell her...so I did it) this happened right after school had started again in september.


Now this year I have ALL my classes with her and we walk home the same way so I'm always still seeing her!! She still talks to me etc...not as much as last year but she still does. However, this year she has a new person shes always buggin and after. And this other guy which she always goes to and leans on, you know the thing you do when you're bf/gf.


So i hate to admit it but these two guys get me really jealous. I thought I was over her and I told the ppl that went through this wit me that I was over her...BUT really I don't think I'm over her. The fact that she is extremely hot doesn't help either...


So now I don't know what to do...I try kind of just ignoring what she's doing and who shes with but guess what at the start of the year like first couple of days I hadn't told her I liked her and so I sat beside her in ALL my classes and now I completely regret the decision because that means I have to see her all the time which just increases my jealousy when I see her with those two guys around me..ahhhhhhh I can't take it anymore and I can't talk to anyone about it because everyone thinks I'm way over it...


Before I remember having the longest convos with her about nothing and now on msn she'll say two things and i'll say two things and the convo will go dead till I say somethin like "so wht u upto now" etc....before it used to be so nice she would msg me all the time and wouldnt stop goin and when i didnt respond she would jus msg me more and call and my god reading what I'm saying makes me so sad....how could I be so obsessed over this one damn girl....


I need help what do I do??


also THANK YOU, you don't know how much I appreciate this...

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Hello, I'm actually in the same exact boat right now. I fell for a close friend in my circle of friends and she's totally not interested in me.


Now, how am I getting over it? I'm looking for other people. That's the only way. You have to get yourself up from your computer and go out with your friends and meet someone new. Otherwise, you'll just keep thinking about her.


Good luck!

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