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Jobs.... What if you try really hard but they still think it is not enough

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Well I been in this position for the last 3 months now...


Today I had my 3 month review and they told me if I do not get better, they have to let me go.


Its organising pharmaceutical conferences. I have no science background and i found it really difficult. To be honest I found it impossible. But I tried really hard and learnt a lot during this time.


When I had my review today they started picking on everything I have every done wrong, and even though they acknowledged my improvement they were not confident that I would be able to master the task, because I do not thave the scientific background....


However they knew that before I started. I have a politics degree! I did not lie on my CV and said I had a Phd in Neurology or something. I worked really hard and i know the first project was not the best, but I improved with time.


I am working for the market leading company in pharmaceutical conferences. Now they told me that i have 1 last project to prove myself.


However now I feel like .... what is it worth? If not this conference they are going to fire me sooner or later. Because I am working with lots of science graduates and some even have a PHD!


Shall I just look for a new job? Or shall I stick it out and try to impress them hoping that for this time it will be enough?

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Shall I just look for a new job? Or shall I stick it out and try to impress them hoping that for this time it will be enough?


Do both. If one works and the other doesn't you're fine. if both work out, you get a choise, and that's great. If neither does, you keep looking.

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I would probably wait and just try and stay in communication with them. Maybe tell them you are concerned they are going to let you go and not give you a good recommendation.

They might realize their own mistake and give you the good reccomendation, which wouldn't be firing you.

I'm thinking what they saw in you was determination, responsibility and articulation. Those are really good attributes and it's not unusual to be hired for those reasons - instead of a science background.

Don't feel bad - you gave it your all - but you are honest too - you know you aren't the best person for this particular job - be proud that you aren't trying to 'fake' it or be someone you can't be. This will also be noticed if you stick with it.

Perhaps a better job is waiting for you and all this is happening to make room for it. Think postive. All bad situations have a simultaneous good side.

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But does it not look really back on your CV if you only been in a job for about 3 months?


It might, but it would be better than waiting to you were fired and better for you to look while you have a job than while you don't. Also, if you look to change lines of work, maybe you do conferences for non-technical companies, you can say that you are looking because you do not like the work.

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All you can do is the best you can. Then let God sort out the rest. That's a quote from a friend of mine. Good advice really.


To put that in a more secular way, do your best and only worry about the things you can do anything about. Beyond that, what happens, happens and worrying won't change anything.


Try your best and make sure they know you're trying. Then, if it doesn't work out, don't worry about it because there are other places you can work. Maybe this job, or this type job, isn't for you. If so, there's other things you can do.

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