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If something was bothering me, I would always talk to my ex about it. He was really good at calming me down and reassuring me that everything would be okay in the end...I must say that it upset me that he wasn't as open about his problems as I was, because I really would have liked to help him with anything and everything.


Don't know how things will pan out in future relationships though.


Why do you ask though? Are you wondering if it's okay to talk to your significant other about a problem that you're having? Or are you wondering if he's keeping his problems from you?

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It would depend on how busy he was, whether or not I needed to handle it on my own, whether he might have something constructive to add to it. He's pretty good about being supportive, but the benefit of that wears off pretty quickly if I take advantage of it too much.

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i'd talk to him, just to let him know what's going on, or just so he wouldn't be unaware of any possible "strange" or sad behaviour on my part... but if i wanted to be the one to fix it or to figure it out by myself, i'd still share it, but saying precisely that: that i needed to work it out on my own... just because you tell your troubles to someone doesn't mean they have to fix it - sometimes you just need to be heard.

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