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Inner wealth


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For our survival, we need money. With little money comes the stress of being able to have a roof over your head, but with the abundance of money comes the greedy and sometimes misfortunate attitude of being highly criticized for your wealth. In between is where most rest. It is often a dream to have lots and lots of money and to own everything you ever wanted to own. But by doing so, you are taking the risk of being robbed of your happiness, of the things that make up what make you happy, because your fulfillment rests in gluttony. If, however, you invest your time into figuring out how in the world you can be happy without the materialistic possessions, all of that becomes meaningless. A swimming pool is just a swimming pool. A big screen television is just a television. They can be changed, damaged, and stolen. Ten or fifteen years proceeding your purchase you may find yourself wondering why you still have that television set, or still have that swimming pool that you never use anymore.


Something that no one can rob you of is your inner wealth. It is the ability to be perfectly content with your life, no matter the circumstances. There was an anecdote into wisdom that I read not that long ago. A 92-year-old frail woman had just lost her husband of 70 years, yet after his passing, she remained happy.

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Very Nice, however I'll have to ponder that for a wee bit. I just bought a 52" Samsung this weekend and spent nearly $8000. So I was hoping I could be happy watching some sporting events and movies. I did work hard and saved my money to get to this point. And if the robbers break in and try and take it, all I can do is let them have it or shoot them with my 9 mm ...lol .....Anyway I get your drift, and a good one at that.




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Easyguy, I posted a link to an article on happiness recently...it delved into the rather surprising results a recent study had uncovered. For one thing, that yes, when we don't have enough money to pay for our bare necessities, we stress and are unhappy. But researchers found that after hitting the $50K a year mark...and surpassing it...people's general levels of happiness didn't increase. Interesting.


Also, a very wise woman who went by the name of Peace Pilgrim stated, "The more possessions you have, the more you are owned by your possessions."

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It's a great concept, but you have to work out what makes you happy. Is it:


wellbeing / health


looking good

doing good deeds

using your intelligence

finding what you are good at and attempting it

finding what you love to do and doing it


being with friends

just 'being'


preparing scrumpuous meals for other people

giving gifts to other people

giving other people compliments


There are probably literally hundreds more.


One thing comes to mind though. Appreciate the simple things such as a smile, a flower, a good nights' sleep, a nice meal and a couple of good friendships.


Also, i think having no expectations helps. If your expectations about life are too high, frequent disappointment is likely to be the result as those expectations will never be exceeded.


Sometimes i think we all need a good dose of living in a third world country for a few months, or living in the country. It would probably remind us of the important things in life.

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