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Sexual abuse

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mm well dunno how to start..


i guess with a little background:

As a kid I was sexually abused by 2 people one was a neighbord and a friend of my cousin and the other was my cousin. i was about 6 years and the saxual abuse lasted about 2 or 3 years. So that isnt the eral problem the thing is that i would like to get over this. that happened i cannot do annything but the major problem is that sometimes my responses to stuff is kinda weird for example sometimes when people touch me o hug me im like too sensible, r just dont like it at all, I get triggered easily and wll i would like to do something about it but I reallyhave no diea where to start o waht to do..


so any advice?

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Sorry about what happened to you..terrible...well it's great that you recognize this as a problem...first of all you need to talk about it...like tell your parents if you are close to them, close friends, and it's really important that you go into counselling about it.


Rape counselling is free in the US and Canada, in person or over the phone if you prefer to...so I definitely think you should do that....take care

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Yeah i am with Fallout on this. Coz if you dont you will be scared your whole life and do you want that? i dont think so.


I have been a rape vitim myself aswell once from my brother and once from a stranger, it is hard to get over, but you do and you will feel better soon

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