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ok my names brian im 14, ive known this girl for about 5 years now... she lives a 2 hour drive away,but the problem is...i cant drive yet, lets see thats about a 4 day walk.the only time i get to see her is some weekends and during the summer when she lives with her granparents. every summer i get the same feelings for her,just never gutted up to telling her im pretty sure she only thinks of me as a friend but is sorta hard to tell,i decided i want to ask her out but i dont know how to ask,where to take her...and one other problem, a few years ago she went out with my neighbor and they only lasted about a month beacause she had to go home and she HATES ldr's do you see this going anywhere

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no one can drive me up there no bus (were both sort of in middle of nowheres) she is also 14...and now im getting confused between her and this girl from my church ,im kind of dumb when it comes to relationships (as embarasing as this is ive never had a girlfriend cuz every girl in my town is bicth/ * * * *)

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