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did i handle this right?


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about a month ago i had talked to my ex one on one since our break up. he ended up kissing me and initating the "i miss you" and "i love you" card..all of which i took with a grain of salt.


3 days after, he calls and tells me he wasnt trying to take advantage of me. i politely responded by telling him he doesnt owe me anything and that he doesnt need to explain himself. we talked for about 10 minutes about school/work etc...


since then, aside from him sending me random texts, we havent spoke online or on the phone. based on what i told him, do you think i ruined any chance of a friendship??? i know im going to see him next weekend because we will be around mutual friends again...the first time ill see him since he told me he loved me. im nervous because i dont know how to approach him, or what to expect. any sort of imput would be greatly appreciated.



thanks everyone.

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Some important details are missing here.


When he kissed you, was it on the cheek, a peck, or a real kiss?


If you kissed him back, then that's not indicating that you want only a friendship with him. He likely apologized because he either felt that you didn't want to reciprocate or is trying to be overly nice and is a sensitive person.


So, based on what information you've given it's impossible to say whether or not you've ruined any friendship. I don't see why you could have though, so it's likely you didn't.

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