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I'm at an odd time in my life

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And I need some direction. Things are great, I feel like I'm at a high, and I don't want to date. Money is finally coming in at ease, with jobs I love working. My studies are more focused, knowing what I want to do with my life. I love all of my friends and all the new friends I meet. I don't know who I'm looking for. I'm not even bothering to look anymore.


Is this a normal phase?

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seriously, things sound great for you and when you are in that 'zone' - good things naturally come yer way, so, don't starting 'looking' - life sometimes comes to u. hard work pays off in many different ways.


Yeah bro, keep riding the train and enjoying scenery...you don't want to ask questions about things like this...just enjoy it while it lasts...

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While it's very normal to go through times when you feel like giving up at something that you've been unsuccessful at, I sense in your post that you're looking for people to back up your decision to give up.


While it's important to maintain your independence in the way that you'll never become dependent on a woman for your happiness, shutting down that part of your life completely is a mistake. As social beings, we're meant to form intimate/romantic relationships with the opposite sex.


From looking at your previous posts, I'm afraid that you are heading toward solitude instead of independence and also developing some woman hating tendancies because you haven't been getting good results. So take some time out, but don't live in it because you'd be headed in the wrong direction if you don't get back in the game and the sooner the better.

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