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  1. Maybe since you're his TA, its hard for him to make the move on you.
  2. you know what, on second thought, i hate playing this game. its a waste of my emotions and time, knowing it won't go anywhere. i'm TRYING hard to not to get infatuated with her, but shes so sweet to me in a place where i don't really have any friends anymore. boredom kills me, sweetness tortures me. and if i don't flirt back with her like i did today... it hurts, it makes me feel like crap. luckily i was assigned to work the opposite side of the store all day. its making me hate sweet cute little happy couples because that concept seems so far away from me. i don't understand how people get to that point. and here she is with someone, but flirts with me. and no not with words but lots of touching. body langauge speaks louder than words, and that just confuses the crap out of me. i so want to make the move, but i'm scared of setting myself up for the kill. again i'm lost and searching for answers. and oh how i would love a simple approach from a single girl, but no, life has to be complicated for me whether it be her age, relationship status, distance, and drunken love. too much damn work, but i love the feeling i get that i have experienced in the past. i miss those feelings.
  3. ok so i wont ask her out, but continue with this game. thanks
  4. i dont want to believe that shes playing with me. i want it to be real. i love the interaction. heck i think she may have a bf only through assumptions from overheard conversation once, and myspace. i know i know...
  5. i want to go out with her. when shd rode with me she briefly mentioned going out with me and it just poked my skin somemore. i dont want to believe she has a bf. she doesnt mention him much thats good.
  6. yes but it feels like shes growing on me more, as in much more close and casual. i may fall hard from this. why cant i ever have even a slight legit relationship with anyone?
  7. hey i cant help that. maybe i should move far away.
  8. this girl at work flirts with me a lot but she has a boyfriend. this is torture! i like the feeling of her actions tho. what do i do? i really get the feeling she likes me but i think i know her answer if i ask her out. it happened with another girl once before. why does life tease me?
  9. Getting over shyness? Become a waiter.
  10. not really. I only enjoy the moments. I try to occupy my mind with other things.
  11. Honest. I need all the facts and advice I can get. I'm trying to fight the situation myself deciding what I should do.
  12. That's aggrivating, and all I do is flirt back because its fun. The flirting was heavy today, and even the co-workers noticed and assumed she has a crush on me. I know nothings going to happen, but all this flirting has been a real relief for me since I started the job. I've been feeling very detached from the world. Feeling as if I can't go back to my new friends here because its been so long, and the old friends have been forgotten. I miss volunteering but I feel like I can't go back to that. I either don't have the passion nor time. I hardly sleep in my own bed anymore. I hope this is just a hard stage. Ideally I would simply ask her out. I need to give myself some fun and a break.
  13. I dreamed I had close relations with someone. I felt it all, and all the sensations. I've never had sex before or kissed a girl before.
  14. My dreams are close to reality. I go to work in them. I eat in them. I just had a dream that I smoked lots of weed with a massive circle of arm linked people.
  15. I must have been drunk and lonely when I wrote this. I need to stay off the net when I'm in that state, seriously.
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