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Girlfriends Period Lasting 9 days +

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Alright my girlfriends period has been lasting 9 days so far. Last night we had sex and we thought she was done with her period and today she's bleeding again and its period blood. And it's been 9 days so far and she's still on her period. Its not normal blood its "dark" "black" blood she's bleeding. Do you know what this may be?

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Black blood means that the blood has been oxidized.


For whatever reason, the blood was not expelled immediately and was oxidized.


There is nothing to be concerned about this.


It happens to every female at one time or another due to perturbations in progesterone hormone levels during the cycle.


Hugs, Rose

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Periods at this age can be irregular.


Unless she is filling a pad /or tampon, and having to change them once an hour its not too heavy yet.


She could allways call a doctor or ask her mother about it.


Oh and by the way I would bet that its got nothing to do with having sex. Its just her period.

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miscarriage a while ago? yeah, could be that too.


I think if she is concerned she should definitely consult a doctor. Many phone books have 24 hours nurses lines that are free to call, and I have found them to be a helpful resource. Look in the yellow pages for your hospital, and then see if you can find their 24 hour nurses line.

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May I suggest going on birth control? 9 days seems like an awful big inconvenience. My girlfriend used to have some super heavy/painful periods (PMDD?) and now that she's on the pill, her periods last from Friday to Monday, and the only days that are even close to heavy are Fri/Sat. We had sex on her 3rd day and there wasn't a drop of blood when we were done.

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