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  1. I know. I will stop with the questions and trust her more. I believe she's going to give me another shot at this. Don't you believe that? I have taken your suggestions and thought about it a few days ago and yes I do trust her. Yes I know I come off sounding insecure but I do trust her. I was just cheated on before and that's where some of the 'Questions' come from.
  2. No you can win people back. If you truly love them. And know the situation. I've seen it done.
  3. Well here is an update you tell me what you think. Yesturday she calls me and tells me to come over to talk. So when I got their we went to the park and talked. Also I spoke from the heart and answered anything she wanted me to know. And then me and her went to go pick mine and her friend named Andrew up. We stayed at his house and when he left his room to get something me and her kissed. Then we all decided to go to my friends lee's house to go jam out and so while they were playing guitar me and her were making out kissing, Touching, Saying I love you and everything. We were holding hands
  4. Should I continue to follow my heart and try to show her I have changed and to give me a chance? Or should I just give up and move on because their are more women out their?
  5. Alright I been dating my girlfriend for 1 year. And well its been about 3 days since 1/5/07. And well I'll get down to it. She has asked me many times to change something about my self and that was I asked alot of questions. So she has given me 5 chances to stop asking questions. I would question everything she said. Also she didn't want to say some thing in fear of making me mad. Also I tried to force a few of her friends away. I know my mistakes and I am very sorry for the mistakes I made. We are only human you know. And since we broke up I have called and begged her to just give me another
  6. Well you do make good points. But yes I love her alot. She treated me nice a times and she has a very short temper so when she gets mad she would treat me mean. Thats all. She said she loves me more than anything every day we were together. When she was cold she would snuggle up on me to stay warm. I would take care of her because she has "PI" which she has no immune system. She would get sick and I would take care of her. I did a lot for her. The problem was a little bit on my end. I would ask tons of questions to her and come accross that I didn't trust her. And she asked many times for me t
  7. Well why would I want her back. Well because she accidentally got pregnant and she had a miscarriage with me. I was her first ever and she was mine. Because I put up with her crap all the time was because I loved her. I still do love her a lot but why is that? She was everything to me.
  8. What is "NC"? And this may sound stupid and just plain stupid. But I want her back. How can you win other her again? Last night on the phone with her. I told her to keep it in her pants since I was her first and she was my first. And she said she will. And I said please don't kiss anyone else and she said she can't promise me that. I want to win her back over. But how can this be done. I know this might sound stupid but I really love this girl and she can fix her problems too. If you love something long enough you don't let go you chase after your true love.
  9. I just broke up with my girlfriend I been going out with over a year. She didn't treat me nice and was just really mean to me. So I broke it off. What do I do now? I am so broken! :sad:
  10. Yes I have gotten my anger under control now. I am not being so tough on her. She said she is not going to get involved in drugs. I just need to stay unangry.
  11. Well whats bothering me is that theirs this girl name Jill. And I do not want my girlfriend to hang out with her. I've taken alot of my girlfriends friends and told my girlfriend to not hang out with them for some reason because these people smoke illegal drugs and I do not want my girlfriend getting involved. Also I do not trust my girlfriend at all because she will not listen to anyone. And I just sometimes get so mad and want to slap her. I have never hit a woman but she just makes me so mad. Like I said I told her I do not want her to hang out with that girl and she did anyway. She needs t
  12. Alright I can not control my anger. Today my girlfriend made me so mad and I told her I was going to slap her. I didn't mean it but I could not control my temper. I need some help on a few things. I need to know how I should control my temper because now its like everything she does makes me mad. I don't beat women or anything. I just need to know why I get so mad and loose my temper?
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