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  1. Hey buddy I'll help you our here. Alright some people get circumcise and uncircumcised confused. Circumcise - your parents decide for you at birth to remove the extra skin (you were born with) Uncircumcised - The skin (you were born with) remains in place. It's really not what religion does it, its more what the parents decide. I think people saying about if you live in the US it should be done. Well I'm uncircumcised and live in the United States. I don't care about looking at my buddy because well, I date girls not guys. And really are you going to go around showing your 'tool' to your friends? It's so over looked its not even funny anymore. I've slept with quite a few girls and they thought I was circumcised because the skin retracts when you get fully hard. And I've got comments from girls that "I shag like a porn star", "I have mastered my tool", "That was the best sex in the world". circumcised or NOT, it doesn't make a difference when having sex. It how you use the tool and make love.
  2. What does that mean? I bolded it. Interesting....
  3. A real, loving, tight, lasting relationship will last even if the couple doesn't always agree. Start living this way and you will find out how serious she is. She may just need someone who speaks their mind, but does not try to stand in her way. What do you mean by that? She tells me every day she wants to be with me for ever and all. Like last night for example: Her and I where having sex (She's my first and I'm her first) and she just stops and is like "I love you so much, I want to be with you forever" and I replied I love you too and want to be with you. Then I was like will you marry me in the future not right now but we can talk about it but later in the future, And she's like yes. So those right their are good signs I just need to trust her a little bit more. She's told me over and over again she will NEVER cheat on me because I was cheated on before from my ex-girlfriend and my girlfriend right now was cheated on before and she was in a semi-abusive relationship. She said she is going to go spend the summer with her best friend that she left behind when she moved down where I live and she told me just to trust her nothing will do on and that I can trust her. Her friend is a girl so thats good. She's told me that she is so happy with me and that I have changed her life from the bad to the good. I can't tell her what not to do or anything like that but she knows my standards and where I draw the line at. But if I do have a opinion or disagree with something I can't just let her run all over me. I have to stand up and speak my mind. She's very hard headed its her opinion or no opinion, her way or no way. But I can deal with it she's been through a lot in her past and I've helped her correct the ways she messed up. But it just gets on my nerves when she won't listen to me about stuff.
  4. Alright I have really do trust me girlfriend but lately I been rethinking that. I will make this in points so it is easier to answer my questions. 1. People at my school I go to it’s my last year (3 months till I’m out) anyway people at my school have been saying rumors that my girlfriend made out with this guy behind my back. And about 5 people have told me this. I have asked my girlfriend over and over again and she said she never liked him and she did not make out with him at all. I have asked her again on other days and I get the same answer. I don’t know if its people just trying to start stuff or not. But I asked her last night and she said don’t ask me again I am getting tired of answering that same question over and over again. So I said alright. Now is she telling the truth? I trust her and I have told her many times if she needs to get something off her chest just tell me now before I find out later, It’s better to hurt me now then later. And she said I have nothing on my chest. So I believe her. 2. Hard headed, Well she is very hard headed it’s either her opinion or no opinion. Now she is about to turn 18 and she wants to get a tattoo well 3. Small ones on her hips. I told her I don’t mind her getting a tattoo or anything but I really do mind. She said something about her getting a lip ring and that is where I draw the line, I am not kissing a load of metal, but you know she’s hard headed and I told her that I don’t want her to get a lip ring and she’s like I’ll do what ever. But I know work places and stuff will not tolerate body piercing so if she does get on it won’t last for long correct? 3. Marriage, We have talked about this a lot and lately I been second thinking it because I am not sure yet after a lot has been going on if she is the one to marry. But how do you know exactly when and if you should marry them? 4. Controlling she says I am a bit controlling and trying to control her life. Well maybe I am but should I? Her parents are not really even parents they don’t teach her the rights and wrongs, they are just lazy. So I try to teach her the rights and wrongs but is this something I should continue to do or not?
  5. Well she loved it and started to cry. She took me back. And I have not asked her a single stupid question. So I am going do. And I haven't questioned anything she has said. So I am doing really good. My V-Day was great.
  6. Well she does like this kind of stuff. Romantic stuff and she likes tastes of fantasy words too. I have made many edits to it and I am going with a little bit of everyones advice. So I believe it is going to make her cry because I wrote her something like this awhile back and she loved it so much she was crying for 4 hours about it.
  7. I have made a lot of edits and changes to my poem. So it sounds pretty good with what I got now. Now the big question is. I am going to give her this poem via mouth. So this is going to be hard. Because I am very nervous and on top of that scared out of my bones. Because I believe I am walking into this with a 50/50 chance she will take me back. She has told her sister she still loves me. And she has told my friend that "She does not know if she is going to take me back, but she's been thinking about me a lot". So I hope it all goes well Wednesday.
  8. hmmm how could you rewrite this in a professional way to reach out and grab / touch her heart?
  9. Thank you, I have fixed that error. I am trying to make this poem bring tears to her eyes so she can feel the love. But how would I achieve that? I want this v-day to be special and great. And I do hope she'll take me back. And yes I do have a big romantic spirit.
  10. Alright I am not good at writing poems or anything. But for v-day I am going to give this to the girl of my dreams. We've been through a lot and have broken up over reasons on my part. If you would like to review my posts you can. I am going to give her a single rose and get down on my knees and read her this poem. But the only thing I need help on is. How should I end the poem. The poem is saying just give me one more chance to show you that I am not going to question everything you say. It's tell her my love for her. I just need a professional to tell me how I should close my poem. And tell me will it make a girl cry and if you could point out any errors. Thank you. I need to win this girl back and she is amazing. Poem: I know you have been thinking about me a lot. And theirs a lot going through you head at these hard times. I shall give you a rose and even a kiss to revive your love for me. I shall tell you from my heart and you shall look me in the eyes. I know you don’t believe I have changed or maybe you do. I ask you to take my hand and tell me an answer. If you will let me place my hand in your hand and tell you from love that I have changed for this very first time. The changes are great and will bring you comfort and hope. These changes are for you and only you. So please let me show you that I can do it. We have been through the rain and the sun; we’ve over come many great obstacles. We’ve even been through tough times together. You can see I want to be your knight in shinning armor; I want to put you on my horse and ride off in the sun set. I want you to put your arms around me to show me trust and courage to hold on. And I’ll watch your hair blow so slowly in the wind. When you go to bed I’ll hang your halo on the wall. And let my angel sleep till the very next day. I want to show you a new start. I’ll show you one that will take you head over hills. I state my love for you at this very moment, and looking in your gorgeous eyes I can still hear you sing. You’ll sing the night away and everyone will stand up and give you an applause. And you’ll look in the crowed place and find me their. You’ll find an romantic guy, a guy who can really do it. I want to show you a new way. A new portion of my heart. Every time I close my eyes I see you running down a secret garden. A garden that grows from the love I have for you. You’re running with your arms so wide open and the flowers just flowing through your finger tips. Theirs a misty fog on the ground and the sun lights your perfect body. You’ll appear to me as an angel. So I ask you for one last chance. To show you that I am the knight you’ve been prolonging to find.
  11. Alright I am a guy and I want to know is their anything wrong with shaving your chest hair? Because to be honest with you I am like a bear. And I don't think it is something that turns on the women so would shaving be better? Also how long does it take to grow back?
  12. I know. I will stop with the questions and trust her more. I believe she's going to give me another shot at this. Don't you believe that? I have taken your suggestions and thought about it a few days ago and yes I do trust her. Yes I know I come off sounding insecure but I do trust her. I was just cheated on before and that's where some of the 'Questions' come from.
  13. No you can win people back. If you truly love them. And know the situation. I've seen it done.
  14. Well here is an update you tell me what you think. Yesturday she calls me and tells me to come over to talk. So when I got their we went to the park and talked. Also I spoke from the heart and answered anything she wanted me to know. And then me and her went to go pick mine and her friend named Andrew up. We stayed at his house and when he left his room to get something me and her kissed. Then we all decided to go to my friends lee's house to go jam out and so while they were playing guitar me and her were making out kissing, Touching, Saying I love you and everything. We were holding hands all night. I even gave her my hoodie to wear because it was raining and she did not want to get her hair wet. Then we took the kid home and me and her went back to the park. She sat their and she said. "I haven't taken you back yet. Just give me until Wensday. Don't call me or anything just wait till Wensday" And I was like ok I'll do that. And she's like Not leading you on I just got alot of things on my mind right now and I am not sure if I am ready for a relationship. And so then we sat and snuggled for awhile and so I took her home and she says "I love you" and she kissed me again. Now I was talking to my friend lee and I did not even know this but Wensday is valentines day. And he is like dude she is going to take you back she is just setting you up to be ready for Valentines day. So it sounds like she is going to take me back and when I was with her last night I did not ask a single question that would annoy her. But does it sound like she's going to take me back on a romantic holiday? To me and my friends it sounds like that. So should I continue not to call her, and wait until wensday? What else.... Yeah me and her made out and kissed and everything. And she's like I love you and everything. So it sounds like she is going to take me back wensday. I totally did not know it was Valentines Day
  15. Should I continue to follow my heart and try to show her I have changed and to give me a chance? Or should I just give up and move on because their are more women out their?
  16. Alright I been dating my girlfriend for 1 year. And well its been about 3 days since 1/5/07. And well I'll get down to it. She has asked me many times to change something about my self and that was I asked alot of questions. So she has given me 5 chances to stop asking questions. I would question everything she said. Also she didn't want to say some thing in fear of making me mad. Also I tried to force a few of her friends away. I know my mistakes and I am very sorry for the mistakes I made. We are only human you know. And since we broke up I have called and begged her to just give me another chance for me to go back and change the relationship to a whole new one. Make every problem fixed. I know I can do it. Also I have quit asking questions and she won't believe me nor will she give me another chance. Her parents told her that she needs to go back out with me because well I kept her out of trouble and I did. But right now she's heading into alot of trouble. This on kid is taking to her and all he does is want in her pants. I don't want to see her take the wrong road. So how do I win her back? The sex life was awesome. I was her first and she was mine. We would have sex like animals and I think that ruined alot because the relationship was not a Relationship it seemed more into a sex relationship. I have begged and begged for her to give me one last chance so I can make things right again. I am going to deliver her this letter I wrote to her last night. She is a very low middle class girl and I am a high middle class man. I am 19 she is 18. I would never use her for sex and I hope she wouldn't use me either. Also I gave her a promise ring too. She told me all the time she wanted to marry me. Also I accidently got her pregnant once and she had our miscarriage. I don't know how to win her back or should I just move on? Also I went up to her work place and I had a friend call and speak with her and she told me my girlfriend said "I don't care about him and I won't take him back" So how do a win her back or should I just give up now. And find another girl? I put up with alot with this girl. She was mean but when your in love you put up with anything.
  17. Well you do make good points. But yes I love her alot. She treated me nice a times and she has a very short temper so when she gets mad she would treat me mean. Thats all. She said she loves me more than anything every day we were together. When she was cold she would snuggle up on me to stay warm. I would take care of her because she has "PI" which she has no immune system. She would get sick and I would take care of her. I did a lot for her. The problem was a little bit on my end. I would ask tons of questions to her and come accross that I didn't trust her. And she asked many times for me to change and I tried to but it failed every time. I asked her to change and she did. She asked me 5 times to stop asking questions and I tried to. The reason I asked questions was because I was cheated on before along time ago. This time I am going to stop asking questions. She asked me so many times to change that she does not believe me anymore when I say I am going to change. What do I do? How do I win her back or get her back? I really do love this girl. Is it ok if I talk to her little sister on link removed? I just talked her today. And spoke from the heart. And then she started to affend my parents saying I am up their butts all the time and I have everything handed to me. I am a middle class person and she is very low middle class person. And she thinks I am up my parents butt all the time. But I stuck up for my parents and maybe it is just time to move on without her and find another girl that will treat me alot better. Is that what I should do? Also I am 19 are their many other women out their that will date a Professional Airline Pilot?
  18. Well why would I want her back. Well because she accidentally got pregnant and she had a miscarriage with me. I was her first ever and she was mine. Because I put up with her crap all the time was because I loved her. I still do love her a lot but why is that? She was everything to me.
  19. What is "NC"? And this may sound stupid and just plain stupid. But I want her back. How can you win other her again? Last night on the phone with her. I told her to keep it in her pants since I was her first and she was my first. And she said she will. And I said please don't kiss anyone else and she said she can't promise me that. I want to win her back over. But how can this be done. I know this might sound stupid but I really love this girl and she can fix her problems too. If you love something long enough you don't let go you chase after your true love.
  20. I just broke up with my girlfriend I been going out with over a year. She didn't treat me nice and was just really mean to me. So I broke it off. What do I do now? I am so broken! :sad:
  21. Yes I have gotten my anger under control now. I am not being so tough on her. She said she is not going to get involved in drugs. I just need to stay unangry.
  22. Well whats bothering me is that theirs this girl name Jill. And I do not want my girlfriend to hang out with her. I've taken alot of my girlfriends friends and told my girlfriend to not hang out with them for some reason because these people smoke illegal drugs and I do not want my girlfriend getting involved. Also I do not trust my girlfriend at all because she will not listen to anyone. And I just sometimes get so mad and want to slap her. I have never hit a woman but she just makes me so mad. Like I said I told her I do not want her to hang out with that girl and she did anyway. She needs to listen to me.
  23. Alright I can not control my anger. Today my girlfriend made me so mad and I told her I was going to slap her. I didn't mean it but I could not control my temper. I need some help on a few things. I need to know how I should control my temper because now its like everything she does makes me mad. I don't beat women or anything. I just need to know why I get so mad and loose my temper?
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