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So my boyfriend is coming down to visit me next weekend and I'm obviously really excited. Only problem is that I'm supposed to get my period two days before he gets here and they last for a week. I'm on the pill and I've tried skipping my period, but I ended up bleeding less but for about two weeks so there was no point. It definitely didn't skip though. I thought about not taking my pill for the rest of the week (Sat would be my last day) but that would still mean having it from Sunday-Sunday...which includes the weekend he's here. Any suggestions? Would attempting to skip it a second time work better maybe?

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I don't really understand what you mean, skip what? If you skip your placibo pills and start a new pack that should keep you from having a peroid. That's what I do. I haven't had a period since May, its wonderful. My obgyn says you can do it with any type of birthcontrol pill, not just Seasonal

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Is that even healthy to keep on skipping periods? Couldn't you risk getting pregnant by not taking your pills? I think you should just stick with the original instructions or atleast ask your gynecologist about it beforehand.


Then again I'm not on it so what would I know? Although it does sound interesting, arranging to not have your period on important events.

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I have done this.... I dont even know why I keep trying it...


The first two times I did this (dont take the placibo pills, but instead open a fresh package) it worked perfect...... every time I have tried it since then I always get my period a day or so after I should have if I took the placibo pills... I actually end up having a period for about 3 weeks.... NOT WORTH IT!!!


I asked my doctor about doing this (before I realized my period comes anyway) and he told me that there is no problem at all doing this once in awhile, but you shouldnt do it two months in a row.. if you skip a period you should make sure you allow yourself to have one before doing it again.

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