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You were the one that made me

smile, cry, and laugh

When we first met, it was crazy

Like a dream come true

Like I found him, we are gonna get married

and have kids.


Then it all changed

you introduced me to drugs,

and it all went from there.

At first it was great, you would get me F*ed up,

you would share with me, then sharing became a fight.


Our love went down the drain,

I kept thinking "he's the man of my dreams, why is this happening"

Everyday you would come home late out lookin to score,

and if you didn't you were so hateful.


My love for you turned to hate, total disgust,

I hated when you would come home,

never knew if I would have to leave,

or stay in your sisters room till' you feel asleep.


I never really stopped loving you,

I just stopped showing it.

I stopped telling you I love you, I stopped being nice,

I stopped doing things for you.

I started pickin fights with you, and goin out with my friends more.


Finally I gave up, we weren't going anywhere.

If the drugs wouldn't have come into our relationship

we would be great.

I wasn't ready but it was the right thing to do,

I had to say goodbye to our love,

to our memories,

Goodbye to the man of my dreams


It was the hardest thing ever the day I walked out that door,

and left and never looked back.

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