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I need to die

But i dont want to right now

I feel like crying

But not a single tear wants to escape

My hands are shaking

Scared to leave my room

My heart and soul

Are floating far away from me

I want my sister to be happy

But she isnt going to be

I have lost my all hope

I am never going to be happy again

Feel like i am dead

But people still see me

I am feed up with this life

Dont want to see one more person cry

Why cant everyone feel the same

HAPPY, good as god?

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Kita, you're just 16. Please don't tell yourself that you'll never be happy. That's just being unfair to the person who needs your support the most and almost certainly will turn out to be untrue. Many people who suffer greatly in their early years go on to lead richly rewarding lives, even though they may always carry some pain inside of them.

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