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what is the most valuable thing u own?

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i have thought about that recently...


for me...its time


we only have a set amount of time granted us on this earth


ever second wasted in negative thoughts is a second we will never get back


i remember the first time i realized that...


i used it to negaotate a higher salary...i figured...my time is worth something - u better pay me for what its worth,....because when u boil it down that is what you are selling...your time

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easy guy picks peace of mind - great choice

jazz agrees with me so 50 bonus points - lol

infj - picks 'sense of self' - that someone took it away - but if u look at that as a positive - you now say u have changed - and i guess for the better - so that's a good thing

bwf - picks stubbornness - excellent trait to have when one need to be determined and push on thru tough times

great picks everyone

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If you're talking physical, tangible thing...my journals. I've been writing in various notebooks since 1977. Several boxes crammed full of notebooks and folders of loose papers, the vast majority of which are a hand written chronicle of the events in my life and my thoughts/feelings about them.


Worthless to anyone else, I'd imagine...but irreplaceable and priceless to me.

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Spiritually..... My integrity. I have never broken a promise to anyone. I would die to keep a promise to a loved one.


Stubborness and inner strength is a close second. I love freedom, and I will never be put in a cage. The only time I will ever stop fighting is if something kills me.


Best physical possesion is my body. It takes me where I need to go, so I figure I can atleast take good care of it.

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The most important thing in this life is peace of mind. Someone already said it.


Right now I'm in a stuggle to figure out who I am, and it's hell everyday.


I'm getting so tired of thinking about thinking, being overly philsophical and I hope so bady I stop to save my sanity.


I wish I had peace of mind right now.


That is the most important thing hands down though, atleast what my grandmother told me. Pick something more important, I bet you can't.

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