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im soo.......confused??!!

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MY boyfriend and I have been in a realtionship for about 2 yrs. and all the drama started when his x girlfriend called and said she was 4 mths. preGnet in to our 3mth. relationship after a while when the baby came we broke up b/c he told me he had 2 b there for her so i said okay of coures i was hurt but it was was the right thing wasnt it?? well after a little while he started callen again sayen he missed me and so on and so on well of cousre we got back together but now is like he is ALWAYS at her house should i trust him i mean it is his "x" maybe they still have feelings for eachother well im sure they do they have a baby together and then his car broke down so she picks him up from work but he tells me its nothing ...but then there is a big gap in our relationship its a 5 yr. gap and im 17 soo... well yea but now hes getten off 2 were hes always accusen me off cheating on him and i truley can not stand that !! he always tell me that and now im starten 2 think maybe he's the one doing the cheating and has a gulity conscious and thinken im doing the same, which i am not !! but should i trust him ?? i mean i love him i do i love him more than anything !! r maybe im just 2 young,dumb, and blind ??? but he always tells me he loves me and does all kina things for me i just need help !!!!!sHOULD I TRUST HIM??

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Sounds to me as if you are wondering if, after 2 years, he is cheating on you with his ex-girlfriend with whom he has a child. He is spending a lot of time away with no explanation and, randomly, accuses you of cheating on him. He tells you he loves you and does things for you, but it doesn't seem like you *feel* he loves you...


is that correct?

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your only 17 years old. think about your future... do you really think that things are going to work out with this guy down the road? he has a child to take care of and raise! is it really worth it? at the age of 17 you would be better off finding someone without all this. your putting way too much effort into this, in my opinion.

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Yall dont understand though me and this boy have bee through soo.much already through the short time we have been together and its stuff way major than the baby thing I just dont know what to do i mean i love him and i do want to be with him but the more i think about it the more it hurts me to think about "What is he doing" ...............

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think about the big picture, you are basically still a kid... enjoy life while you can. You are getting wrapped up with a guy whom you are always gonna be 'wondering' what hes doing. Hes ALWAYS gonna be hanging out with the ex... and trust me there is/ was chemistry there... otherwise they wouldnt have slept together.


Not to mention your time with him is always gonna be split with another woman, and a child. Not the sort of situation id look for at such a young age.


Just me, but I vote move on and find someone with less baggage.

Just because youve been through so much doesnt mean its so good.

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