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What are the ladies talking about?

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I was watching an episode of Sex in the City- I love the friendship those four women have. They seem to talk about ANYTHING. It got me thinking about my own friendships and the conversations I have with my girls and the crazy things we talk about! Do all women have crazy conversations with their friends? If so, what are they talking about?


What are your top 3 favorite topics to discuss with your girls?

What are the top 3 subjects you wish you could discuss with your girls but are too "shy" to talk about?

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What are your top 3 favorite topics to discuss with your girls?


1. We like to talk about our lives, how everything is going.


2. What our other friends are doing (and no not gossip, many of my friends moved out of state, so we stay connected, 1 way or another).


3. Any new love prospects. Opinions of men.


What are the top 3 subjects you wish you could discuss with your girls but are too “shy” to talk about?


I am not shy to talk about anything ~ we discuss it ALL.

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Yes I really wish I still had that bond with those ladies. One is now the excessive partier, one is the bible thumper, and I am the pregnant one they can't relate to.


But it was so great, we went through all those awkward times together...having sex for the first time, boyfriend problems, school, family, drugs, etc. I miss them.

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I have a group of friends that live back 'home' but now im over 600 miles away. When we do talk we catch up on how we have been for the past month, as thats how often I talk to them... Now if I could just get them on a computer maybe we could chat more!


I havent met many friends near here, there was this one chick and we would talk about our kids, her stoopid boss, various things but she turned out to be a user that kept asking for money. We fell for it once by buying her a bunch of groceries (she has a kid) and then a week later though I saw her buying a few brand new dvd movies because they were on sale... We'd gone into the store and where as I hadnt bought a thing, she spent like 30 dollars... I thought since the week before Id gave her 70 something by paying her grocery bill that was kinda irrisponsible.. I didnt say anything about it , but she did ask for more money again a few weeks later for 'gas' to get to work... same pity party and I told her we had our own bills and groceries to buy..


She doesnt talk to me much anymore... Guess if im not an atm she doesnt need me? ha!

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I completely agree. It takes a lot longer to establish anything real or worthwhile. When I meet a chick and she seems cool, it's even hard to hang out with them. Like I'm a weirdo or desperate for wanting to have a friendship. I don't get it.


Then if we start getting to be friends, it dies out quicker than it used to.


At least I'm not the only one who feels frustrated with this issue.

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wow- it is harder to make real girlfriends as you get older...sad but true.



I think that this is very true. I always supposed my reason was the fact I had been burned so often that I wasn't as open. Many times I have been the friend who was awesome and helped out and was there for the late night trips to Denny's or to loan that 5 bucks, and then for whatever reason I was the one at home on the the weekends with nothing to do, because everyone else was "busy". Then I became the friend that you see once a month and you say hey to in passing.


Ah, someday, someday......

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I think women have a hard time staying in touch because they get engrossed in their kids, family, and/or their SO. Guys usually make the time to hang out with their buddies, etc. Women are more family-oriented I think. I dont know. I do agree with Healing Hands and the others that as you grow older, it is harder to make friends and keep them. I just moved out to CA about 8 months ago and I still only have one or two new friends out here. I just started school and am hoping to make some new friends, but people seem too busy to want to make friends. It's not easy, esp since it's a new city and all that.

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