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Meeting up out of town with new friend...any advice?


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hey everyone, so I met this guy online thru myspace, turns out we've mutual friends in common. He lives accross the country. This was about 2mths ago, and we spent a lot of time chatting online, and eventually started talking on

the phone. We are both busy so our phone conversations are usually short, and we catch up online or by text. just reg conversation, nothing crazy. He had asked me if I was seeing anyone a while back, to which I said no, and I asked him and he said no too. He wanted to know what happened with previous relationship and I told him I'd tell him some other timeHe had mentioned wanting to meet me, and I thought that was cool, since he's good people, and based on all his pics I've seen, attractive and I'm looking forward to meeting him in person. He has seen way too many pics of me and thinks IHe has a business meeting on my side of the country and he wanted to use that opportunity to meet up with me, and suggested that. I agreed, we are supposed to spend 2 days over the weekend hanging out, obviously we arent stayng together. I'm excited I guess, as we've managed not to exhaust info so we're still somewhat of a mystery to each other. I'm also happy that he was the one who wanted us to meet up, and says he's looking forward to seeing me. We are both 26


Other than just chillin and having a good time, any advice? I'm really sociable and other previous dates since my last relationship have always went well, I was the one who didnt want anything further so avoided contact. For some reason out of couple guys I've talked to recently, he's the only one I actually want to spend time and get to know.



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my advice:


meet in public during the day. like meet for coffee or for lunch. starbuck's is a perfect place for the first meeting.


if he is weird or you don't feel right around him, or you just aren't interested, it is easy to tell him that you have to go because you have plans with a friend. if you do like him, you can always extend the date.


don't tell him where you live on the first date. don't invite him in on the first date either, and don't go home with him!


on the second date, if you feel comfortable, he can pick you up at your place.


don't sleep with him until you've been dating him for several months. i've found that around 3 months is when people start showing their true colors. it is easy to act a certain way for a few months, but eventually, their true self will start to show.

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thanks everyone, yeah we are meeting up outside, and pretty much hanging out. I know the city more than he does actually but dont want to appear uncompromising and start saying where we should eet though certain places come to mind like the gardens, park etc.

Neither one of us live in that city, so thats not a problem. Trust me, wouldnt sleep with him, if I'm enjoying the date and there's chemistry, I think a nice goodnight kiss is fine and thats it


yeah sex always gets stuff complicated anyway, so not even trying to cross that any time soon. Thanks

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I'll be staying with a friend which wont be too far from where he'll be w/ friends. I'm going there with no expectations. We havent talked in depth over the phone so should be rather interesting. One thing I do respect is that nothing sexual in anyway has come up, and even when there's flirting, its very innocent and very brief. I've over a week to see him, and so now I'm going to be hardly around, that way he's really anticipating meeting me.

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