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Yeap definently urinary tract infection. These are VERY painful and need a doctor's attention. It will get worse if left untreated.


They will give her antibiotics to get rid of the infection, but also pills to ease the pain. The sooner the better though, it only gets worse!


In order to prevent this in the future, it is best for her to pee right after sex and make sure she drinks cranberry juice daily.

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Man, I hate UTI's. I've had 2 in my life and they were nauseatingly painful. If she sees blood that means the UTI is in an advanced stage. She needs to see a doctor ASAP. When I had one, the doctor told me if it doesn't get treated it can get to the stage where you are peeing almost pure blood and feels like razorblades coming out of you.


This would be a good time for you to appreciate her. It's not easing being female.

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