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I've got a job decision to make in 8 hours time.

A girl, whom I have a cursh on is being hired at Marks Work Warehouse. I have also applied there and because I was once a temp over christmas the lady guarenteed me a job but I told her I wanted to think about it.


The job I am at, is a health concern for my back. But, it is a laid back job where I'm working with friends and everything is comfortable and well paced.


This new job would be more involved with more work, better pay, friendly people but I'd have to go through the whole training and I'm just feeling really uncomfortable saying yes to it.


I want to take the new job to have a chance with this girl because I rarely see her and it would just be great to get to know her through work.


I just dont know what to do, it's not like its a major decision but I'm all stressed out about it. I dont know what to do!

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