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Asked friend on a date. She said yes, but I am wondering about a couple of things.

Sam _

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Me and my closest friend have been friends for 3 years and I started to like her as more than a friend 2 weeks ago. This past Tuesday I asked her if she wants to go to The Pavilion (it's an amusement park) with me, just me and her, on Saturday and she said yes. She said that she isn't sure if she can because she has no money and I told her that I'll pay for the passes. But I'm not 100% sure she knows I'm asking her on a date and not asking if we can hang out as 'just friends'.


Today me and her talked about this Saturday (like what time we can meet, where to meet, etc.). We're staying from 4 PM until when the park closes, around 2 AM, (we need all day passes for that though). And she says that "the good thing about the all-day passes is that you can leave and come back to the park any time you want in the day. So we could walk on the beach or go out to eat".


If she doesn't know I'm asking her on a date, is she trying to make it into a date?

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You know...how about forget all the pressure of what to call it. You like her and she said yes. And not only did she say yes...but she has been thinking about it and thought of something else you can do together. I'd say that's a good thing.

So don't ruin the moment by asking her if she realizes it's a date date. Have fun and let the night flow...sometimes great things happen when you're least expecting it.


...But! let us know how it goes

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Well, last night was great. We met up at 4PM. We really connected and found that we have a lot of similarities. Around 7PM it turned from hanging out to a date. She said that she wants to go on the one ride that overlooks the ocean and watch the sun set. But the ride was busted. We had pictures taken together and won each other stuff. We messed with people together as well. She said that she doesn't want a relationship until she graduates high school and I asked her if she thinks I would have a chance and she said yes. I asked her on another date to the movies and she said yes. When I took her home she kissed me and thanked me for being a gentleman.

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