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Do real friends do that?

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You go to your friend and you tell him you are not going really well,

they tell you.. im not talking to emotional people.


The kind of friend you would do anything for, and did anything you could whenever they needed you.


Someone who always said, ill always be there for you..


but the last 3 times i talked to him, thats what he answered me.


i dont know what to think, its true.. im not going well, i needed to talk to him.. and the fact that he pushed me away made me feel worst..


i always give everything that i have to him, my time.. my energy..

and i know he cares, but sometimes he answer me things like that.. i dont know what to say to him..


Ah, yes, I have had this happen to me too.


What I usually do is that I stop talking with that person....then I go and talk with my girlfriends over pizza and a glass of wine. Girlfriends are forever!

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They say that in bad times fake friends walk out of the door while real friends walk into the door. That guy is no different from being a fake friend. Probably just wants you for sex or something, and the moment you become a burden he wants you out of his life.


Really in terms of emotional support your better off here at enotalone, not saying that we're magical or something but that response of your friend is just terrible especially for someone like you who is reaching out for help.

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