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My girlfriend is going to see her dad this Christmas, and her step brother is going to be there (The other post explains; Am I too overprotective) and she is happily and willingly putting herself in the way to be raped again just to see her dad and I don't even know what to think... And she wont rat him out because she wants to see her dad who works so much that he can't fly out here...


I don't want her in that position again but I don't want to break her trust by telling her mom what happened...

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There is no right answer to this one.


If you tell, you'll have broken her confidence and she'll be upset at you.


If you don't tell and something happens, you'll feel awful.


I hope you can talk to her about this - about the risks she is taking. From your other thread, it sounds like she takes risks.

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She WANTS him to be there... to make EVERYONE (possibly him again) happy. And as much as it makes me disgusted and hurt, I can't help but think she liked it and just wants to go back for him...

I hate the thought but what am I to do? She has the chance to make sure he isn't going to be there, but no. She WANTS him there... I don't understand...

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I'm gonna talk to her again and tell her what's on my mind and what I plan on doing and ask why she wants him so close to her because it's getting me a little worried about whether or not she really hates him or enjoyed his company...

And if she wants to hate me for having her best interests at heart, so be it. I'm still letting someone know.


I believe it is the best course of action right now and if anyone disagrees, please let me know why.


Alas... I lie... after a long night talking to friends and subconsciously thinking about it I have resolved that I'm going to trust her not to cheat on me and trust her to be able to defend herself. For those of you who wanted to yell at me - Yeah I'm retarded.

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