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I just don't have the heart...

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Since my ex has broken up with me, quite a few girls have to terms with their feelings for me. I happen to like 2 very much. I'm still single of course. But I can't help but feel guilty for liking 2 because I always felt I should just ignore my feelings for one person and focus mainly on another. But I do want to enjoy being single as much as I can. I mean I'm not sleeping around or anything but the idea of phone sex with one girl has arose, I don't even know if that'd be bad. Both of them have their deeming qualities and their flaws. I know time will tell me who is best, but should I help but feel guilty for so much as blowing a kiss at one(by request *rolls eyes*) at one, if there is another who asks me to do the same for example? I'm sorry, I know it sounds weird but the littlest things get me feeling guilty, I'm usually a very mild mannered person.

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