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I debated whether or not to ask this in the "Self Injury" forum. LOL. Bad joke. Anyway, I DID do a search and I saw this question asked a million times already. So I'm asking again. Do chicks like tattoos? Not sleeves or dragons or weird crap like that, but a well placed (can be covered by a shirt), clean looking tattoo. I was asking a chick I'm dating about it and she doesn't like the idea at all. Very opposed to it. Too bad sister! Anyway, here it is: I'm customizing the words though. Getting it done tomorrow.


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Will be on my right arm.

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My take is outta left field.

I'm a bit of a flag buff, an I always thought it was disrespectful to display a damaged US flag. It's customary to burn them and replace them. A tattoo isn't a flag, of course.


Sure, it's not an answer to your question, but I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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Good point! Yes, I agree about displaying the flag that way. But in the context of what I'm writing on it, it is anything but disrespectful. I guess I can compare it to a 9/11 image showing the Towers burning. It would be very disrespectful to say, wear a shirt around with just a picture of them burning, but if a firefighter or police officer got a tattoo like that, and put "Always Remember" then to me that's different.

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I like it. I'm a HUGE fan of tattoos - I'd have more if they didn't hurt so gosh darn much - and especially a fan of those with meaning. I'm not a huge fan of those obtained during a drunken evening, but something with as much meaning as the one you linked to is incredibly respectful, a wonderful tribute, and I like it.


Now that I still have leftover pain meds from that c-section, I might start hunting for a new design for me

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i hope i dont come off as a jerk for saying this but...........................


i thought your topic was good until i read "no sleeves or dragons or weird stuff like that"


that comment in its self tells me your not open minded enough for a tattoo. obviously your "girlfriend" isnt open minded.


one of the many great things about tattoo's is the huge variety of work you see out there. what you percieve as "weird" may not to someone else.

i always live by the saying "to each there own".


i have a(in your words) a "weird" chinese style dragon that basically covers my left side from my hip to my shoulder.

what makes this tattoo any weirder then the flag tattoo your getting?

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I have the same hang up that hoppy does With what was said


"Not sleeves or dragons or weird crap like that, but a well placed (can be covered by a shirt), clean looking tattoo."


That's a very subjective statement, and I sort of find that insulting...no I'm sure you didn't mean it in that way, I'm just saying. "tattoos done tastefully" means a thousand different things, depending on whose taste you're talking about. I personally love dragons, and think that they make great tattoos. But to me, a great tattoo is merely something that somebody actually put some thought into, something that it meaningful to the person.


I think you should really reconsider this tattoo, especially if you're concerned about whether or not chicks will dig it. someone should only get a tattoo for themselves, because they want one, as it's going to be on you forever, where as that girl who thinks it's hot might only be around for a short time *shrugs*.


I think people look at tattoos the wrong way. It's not a fashion statement or anything like that. This is an art, a respectable one at that. Like I said, this stuff is on you for life, and because of that you really should make sure this is what you want, because you want it, and if something as small as a girl not liking it is going to make you second guess the tat, don't get it.

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I'm considering a tatt as a reminder of an achievement, and it's not for show, attitude, fashion or anything else. It'll be my first inkjob.


I don't think it'll make me open minded. I do wonder about folks with facial tatts, because it's literally "in your face" and seems intended to shock people.

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jeremy...................you nailed it bro. exactly what i was thinking.


it was 10 years to a t when i got this big dragon started. 9 hours of outline and we start shading next month.

i choice the chinese fire dragon because it represents me perfectly.

chinese art such as dragons, koi, etc, etc, all carry a meaning.

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Well it's not like I choose someone based on what tattoo they have or don't...I like interesting ones, but certainly don't demand someone has!


I have two, my boyfriend has none. Actually, NONE of my partners have ever had any of them...but that was not because I picked people without, just ended up that way!


I think it is just important it's a tattoo that means something to you, and that YOU love.


One of mine I got as I was coming out of a dark period in my life, and starting a new one - it symbolizes a new confidence, a new journey and as time has gone on, it has also come to symbolize so much more in some strange ways I never thought it would. Another one is very simple, but is a reminder of both loss, and love...and how you never really lose what was loved. Not that you would ever know that seeing it...because it is more meaning behind it, or the time it was done, than what it actually IS.

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Okay Ronster, here's the deal with Felix.


I'm a graphic artist. At one time I entertained my circle with a series of cartoons from my hand and my earliest jobs involved cartooning for clients. I became fascinated with the earliest cartoon forms such as Yellow Kid and the cavalcade of evolutionary styles of still and animated toons and the development of gestures and nuance we take for granted 100 years later. I later worked with a lady who drew Felix in her youth in New Jersey. She was a great source of info on the craft and we discussed the odd chance that Disney's mouse usurped the more established Felix through clever marketing, yet Felix survived.

To me Felix represents a hearty optimism and a reliance on craft to overvcome life's obstacles, much like the Hindu figure Ganesha or that guy who overcame rude treatment by Romans.

Felix could pull a solution from his magic bag to reduce any problem to a joke


In his triumphant pose with confidently closed eyes and a big grin, he symbolizes deliverance from the depths of despair with a sense of joyful exuberance.


Suits me more than dragons, kanji or skulls.

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So I got it done yesterday. It hurt like hell. But it came out excellent. I put "Freedom isn't Free" where the text was. I went into this knowing all about what the Flag code says about retiring a flag. But this isn't a flag, it's a picture of one. NJRon described my reasoning perfectly. It's not that large. Completely covered by any shirt. It is about 4x4 inches after they custom fit it.


I like your story Dako. Very unique.

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