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I love tats! I like lots of colour...and then again it depends on the person. Be unique. I think when considering a tat, you have to get what's meaningful to you.

I'm not a big fan of going into the shop and flipping through books only to say "I want THAT one". When you like something, play around with it...doodle..make it yours. Show it to the artist (cause they are) so he/she gets a better idea of your personality.


I like the idea of the pic you posted for a tat... great colour.

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Powerful tat choice, Luck.

I like it. It seems to mean something to you and that is important.


Where exactly did you get it?


I think tats can be sexy, profound, funny, beautiful. When it comes down to it: it is only skin deep. If I like the person in the skin, I'll take the time to appreciate the tats on whatever level they have.

Even unsightly or 'mistake' tats have a story; and I love stories!


I have one tat and am very pleased with it. We'll see if any others call to me, but I'm happy with the just the one for now.

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a tattered flag such as the one in your tattoo is symbolic of the grinding hardships faced buring battle. during WWII, for example, it was common to see a torn and even bullet-damaged American flag flying, because it was many times the only one available. the men respected it, they saluted it, and they wept in its presense more often than most of us realize.


for what it's worth, i approve.

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Well I got each of my kids tattooed over each boob, a rose with a trible in the middle of my back and Tigger with his hand dipped in poo on my * * * making a yck face oh and an infinity symbol with a purple heart on my left iner wrist. My husband is sleeved so as far as that goes I dig them. As for yours... I was an army wife for 5 of my husbands 12 years in (I got there late lol) and I adore that tat. Much love, much respect and an awesome design!! Rock on with it and screw what some split tail thinks.... it's your body remember that.

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skank stamp..............havent heard that one before!!!!! LMAO!!!


although im all for showing your "patriotism" im not a big fan of american flag tattoos. you see them everywhere. after 9/11 tattoos of flags went up 200% if not more. im a big van of "custom" tattoos..........something nobody else has. as for the comment you made "no weird crap like dragons or stuff like that"..............."to each there own buddy".

dragons make excellant tattoos. i happen to have one that overs 1/2 my upper torso. whats weird to you isnt to all. you come off as a person that may have run off and gotten a tattoo to look "cool" or to "get girls". why would you get a tattoo with every intent of "hiding it"? whats the point? tattoos are art like paintings they should be seen.

whats a painting worth covered in a sheet? nada.

this is just my $0.02 on the subject.

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after 9/11 tattoos of flags went up 200% if not more.



u come off as a person that may have run off and gotten a tattoo to look "cool" or to "get girls".

I'm a patriot. I love my job and I'd die for this country. Would you? I want that engrained into my body. Not to look cool and get girls.


why would you get a tattoo with every intent of "hiding it"?

I don't understand this. I didn't pay all that money to hide it. I show it with pride. It can be covered with a sleeve because I already have a Flag on my right shoulder when in uniform. I think any male piercings, tattoos on the face, neck, and excessively on the forearms is tacky. But that's just me. I don't like dragons, you don't like flags. So what? Who cares? I didn't blatantly insult anybody. link removed


I'll post a pic of it later on.

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I have a baby devil on my shoulder blade. It has blue eyes and symbolizes the devil I was to raise and has my blue eyes. It also has meaning because me and my father went to get a tattoo together. It was a big bonding thing for us because we were never that close when I was growing up.


I also have initials on the inside of my ankle for my daughter that I miscarried a year and a half ago. It was done by hand stupidly. After my son is born, I'm getting it covered with Piglet and having "Mercedes" written underneath in memory of her.


After my son is born, I'm getting a tattoo for him and also getting "Amor" done on the inside of my lip. My fiance has it now and I'm getting it when I can. It's personal between us but can mean something else if we do not last. All my tattoos can and will be able to be covered by clothing if needed.



The worst part about tattoos. They itch like hell the first couple days and you just can't scratch them.. Argh. That's torture.

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