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I'm really lost at this point. My boyfriend that I've been dating for the past year broke up with me for really no reason and now he wont even talk to me. We've been on and off for the past couple months. Lately he's been having all kinds of issues with himself and he thinks he isnt good enough for anything. He's depressed allthe time now. I believe this may be why he broke it off this time cuz last time he said he was sick of hurting me (when he really wasnt) I think this may be why he broke it off again..I am currently trying to just get him to talk to me and be friends until he can come to terms with himself. The only response i've gotten is lets just let it be. I really dont wanna completely lose him and what me and him had.


Is there any way to get him to talk to me?

What can I do?


I am so confused.

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Welcome to enotalone!

He told you what he wants "Let's just let it be" meaning he doesn't want a relationship. His saying it's his depression, he's hurting you, is just a sorry lame excuse for the fact that he doesn't really love you. If he really loved you, he wouldn't have left you. You need to follow no contact and move on. This guy is a waste of your energy and one that may not change, so it's best to part and go your own way and work on being you.

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You will continue to keep getting hurt if you believe his excuses and ignore what he told you. It's over, and trying to be his friend will not work. You can try, buy time will show, it hurts.


Now how long you are willing to suffer trying to change his mind and failing is up to you. It's not what you want to hear but trust me. I am just now a year later fully healed from a broken heart. It was my first, and it was hell.


Everyday..all I thought about. Until recently I got help, I broke down and let it all out. PArt of the reason I kept hurting so long is because she kept trying to be my "friend".


I don't find it hard to ignore her at all anymore. Karma has hit her hard, the guy she went for over me is cheating on her. I feel bad, but she needs to learn.


He needs to learn from this and so do you. If you start moving on now you will be a lot better off, and happier eventually.

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