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BF faking orgasams???

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What would you do if you heard your bf/gf's best friend crack this joke, while having fun, joking around, having a beer and playing pool:


Well crap, i can't remember the exact words cuz i as pretty well on my way. But he cracked a joke in his direction about fakng orgasams.


Everything was cool before that, and after he said it, i don't know whether my boyfriend felt like he was busted, sensed that i heard it and was thinking about it or sensed my concern. But after that it was different. We weren't cracking jokes to each other and weren't joined at the hip anymore. But i was pretty drunk and he was even worse off than me so i don't know. What do you think?

Should i be concerned about the comment? It's not something friends usually tease others about unless there is truth behind it and his best friend does have a big mouth. So i really can't tell



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Was he "cracking a joke" that your bf was, or that you were? Or was he talking about another situation entirely?


Honestly, don't blame your bf for stupid things a friend says when drunk.


As for "faking it"...well, generally with guys there are some pretty OBVIOUS signs if he has orgasmed or not.

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Well i don't recall. Sometimes when he drinks too much he can't cum. I've never suspected him of doing something like that or even payed much attention for that matter!


Was just strange how everything changed after that was said. Maybe my honey thought the joke was directed at me , like i thought it was directed at him!

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It's possible for men to fake orgasms. I mean, it's pretty easy to wrap a condom in some toilet paper and throw it away whether its full or empty. And how many women are really gonna go searching through the wads of tissue paper to try and find a drizzle of semen?


If it's bothering you, why don't you ask your boyf straight out. Maybe he was just shy having his sex life joked about by a friend in front of his girlfriend? You won't know until you ask him!

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I found out what that comment was all about. We had sex two nights ago and yesterday he asked me if i came, i said no and he accused me of faking it. But i didn't! i was moaning because it felt really fricken good. I wasn't trying to fake cumming. Thats horrible to get accused of that! Its a first for me.


I guess he must have been talking to his friend about me, maybe thinking that i'm the one faking. LOL i don't need to fake hes good in bed.


I don't cum half the time because he kind of intimidates me and i've told him that. But he continues to think that i'm not pleased with our sex.


What can ya do? I mean reallly?

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Honestly, I find it hard to grasp the concept of a man faking it, but I guess that changes as we get older. No matter, if he still pleases you, even if he is shooting blanks, keep him.

It's not always about the guy - Hell I know I wouldn't care if I did as long as she was happy with the performance

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his bf's joke was uncalled for and your bf probably was embrassed at that joke. But it's very hard for a guy to fake an orgasm..i mean the white stuff comes out. If he's drunk, most of them can't get it up anyway. so whatever.


his friend should have made that joke b/c i guess it was disrespectful and not even funny at all. so don't take it to heart.


my bf's best friend cracked a joke at my best friend's house. boy it was awakard...something about my best friends dad being a drug dealer..yes..it didn't go so well. she was hella mad.

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Sorry but guys CAN fake orgasms. Just because a male ejaculates don't assume that he has had a orgasm. You can still ejaculate and not have an orgasm and you can have an orgasm without ejaculation.


Tantric sex teaches males how to achieve orgasms without ever ejaculating. I've done it only a few times and it's pretty hard because you have to resist the urge to ejaculate yet still focus on the sensations around your hips and the rest of your body.

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