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I feel awkward asking this. I've never used any type of lotions or stuff like that before (atleast not for moisturizing ). I have this dry skin on my face. It's dead white stuff that I pull off. It just grows back really thick though. It's only in small areas on my nose and by my lip. It doesn't itch or anything. I think it might be Athlete's Face! I have a few dates coming up, and I don't want to look like an alligator. Will regular lotion work? Should I pull it off? Help!

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One, you want to be sure it's not some kind of fungus. But you say it doesn't itch, so go with the dryness hypothesis. (If moisturizer makes it itch, go back to the fungus hypothesis.) Even if it's dryness, throwing cream on won't be a quick fix.


Are you taking a multi-vitamin? Be sure you're getting enough minerals and B-vitamins, b/c no cream can do much for a skin issue caused by nutritional deficiency.


How old are you? m, f? In any case, a basic skin-care program would look something like:


- cleansing: quit the soap and get a cleansing cream or something gentle

- peeling: a scrub cream or a glove, gently, once or twice a week

- clarifying water (or whatever it's called) get's the rest of the cleansing or peeling gunk off and soothes

- moisturizer (finally!): something non-allergenic, no fragrance etc. from the pharmacy. if you want to get more complicated, one with sunscreen for day use and a heavier one for night.

- special rich soothing cream for use problem areas during the day. I get one in tiny tubes from the pharmacy (active ingr. dexpanthenol) when my lips get cracked (when I've neglected vitamins)


Oh, yeah - regular lotion (body lotion) might irritate your skin.


If you can afford it and the dates are that important to you, try to find a reasonable cosmetician for a basic facial. Most have a low-budget option, and they give good advice. Just don't buy their line of skin-care prods, way too money.

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go to the doctor. ASAP. None of us can figure out the reason for your dry skin over the internet, so it is best to go to a professional who will tell you a treatment which will work the fastest.


Listen, Annie, a doctor will probably break it to the OP that s/he is turning into a reptile and the process is irreversible. We were trying to shelter the OP's self-image a bit longer.


Yeah, a doctor is the safest bet.


But my skin doctor doesn't know either, in most cases, just writes super-$$$ scripts and says to come back in a month. I had a skin fungus once on my neck and the doctors didn't help at ALL, they kept telling me to put hydrocortisone on it, which only made it worse. It took a =date= who said "oh I had that rash once" and went home to pick up the rx-cream for me to try, to figure out what it was.

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yeah, there are plenty of bad doctors and dermatologists out there. I know they did nothing for my acne, but the woman who cured it was an aesthetician. She did facials for me for about 1 year, and all my acne went away!


If you are concerned it's fungus, go to a doctor. But... maybe it is worth finding a very good facialist to take a look at your skin. Get recommendations from people. Generally, if you book an appointment at the best spa/salon in town (not a cheap one!!!!!) they tend to have good facialists. Ask one of them to take a look at you.


good luck

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I also have very dry skin due to acne medications. Definitely use a cleanser that is gentle and does not have soap in it. Dermatologists usually recommend Cetephil which is moisturizing as well. I use clean and clear oxygenated face wash, it rocks. The lotion that has worked the best for me is called Moisturel, it's about 13 dollars for a huge bottle that will last you 3-4 months. It is really great and can be used on your face and body.

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Wow! I sleep in till noon and look at all the replies! To clarify, I don't think it's a fungus. Just a lot of general dry skin. I have it on my feet some times too. The only time I see a doctor is when I can't control the loss of fluid from my body, or I'm missing a limb. I just need a good bottle of something cheap. Someone said to get gloves and beads and get a facial!!!! Why do you want to torture me! I'm a man. I've never even seen a salon place. I asked my sister and she was no help. She told me to stick avocados on my eyes, and she laughed. Is she crazy, or is this some type of joke that only women get? Why would I put them on my eyes? Anyway, I like the vitamin idea. Easy and cheap. So soap really dries out your skin? Why is my soap called Ivory Spring? That is misadvertising. What is a reasonably priced lotion I can use at night? Thanks!

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I agree with the cetaphil.


And stick cucumbers on your eyes


Seriously, if you don't want to go to a doctor, then see an aesthetician. Yes, it can be expensive, but that's life. Correcting a skin problem can be EXTREMELY difficult and not cheap at all. But, the results are worth it.

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Jeesh, don't put avocados on your eyes! That's cucumbers, like Annie says! Avocado I guess you could smash up and use as a mask, but that's expensive and messy.


Try what Iggy said.


And you'd be surprised how many men get facials ... you don't have to tell anyone! In fact, I recommend NOT telling anyone ... was at a guy's place for dinner once, and I think he was trying to show off his "soft side" by talking about going for 2-hour facials. Um, telling me something like that when I barely knew him just showed lack of discretion. I introduced my X to facials and eyebrow clean-ups, but I avoid talking about my own facials unless someone is looking for help.


Which reminds me: gotta call this pharmacy-cosmetician whose card I have ... mine is on vacation all August and things can't wait that long.

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