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She left her stuff

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She probably thinks you want your space, or she wants to keep doing no contact.


What kind of stuff is it that you want back? Is it stuff you can do without?


It would be nice of you to give her back the thing that her great grandmother gave her. Maybe just mail it to her. Hopefully she will get the idea and give you your stuff back too.

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I have had gf's break up with me and leave some of their clothes at my house

for weeks, months. I have had friends who have had this happen also...


TO only call and see when they can get their clothes and see how I am doing...


SO yes, women leave things at your house for an excuse to contact...

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It's been a little over a month since I have talked to her. I have some of her stuff at my house. One of the items is a keepsake that her great grandmother gave to her and it means a lot to her. She knows that I have it but hasn't made an attempt to get it back. She also has a few of my things that I said that I wanted back but I haven't heard anything yet. What is she up to?




That will come back to bite you in the future. People who destroy, throw out, donate, sell, or burn their ex's left property almost ALWAYS regret it... Generally when they are taken to court for the value of the property.


When my ex and I split up I destroyed every single thing he gave me, all pictures of him, and anything that even just reminded me of him. But I carefully dropped off his two tee-shirts and a $20 on his porch late the night we broke up.

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I think it's just too intense to show her face right now. You could always mail the keepsake to her. Send a note with it to ask her to send you your stuff. That way, both of you will be able to save face and keep the potential for conflict to a minimum. Besides, sending her the keepsake is the manly thing to do.

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