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Well, I wrote a couple of posts on here about this current guy I am talking with. He is bisexual and at first I was uneasy about it, But then I decided who cares honestly about that, I like him and he likes me so I texted him and told him I would go out with him. Anywaze last sunday was the last day we hung out because last Monday he had to go out of town for a week. Welp he's not back yet and the only time he called me was last wenseday but I didnt anwser because I was at work. I texted him and told him that. Okay well anywaze he was supposed to be back saturday and so I called him 2 see if he was back and he didnt anwser. Everytime I call him no anwser and he never calls back. I got fed up with that and yesterday I was having a really bad day and my sister who is dating his friend kept bugging me about why he wouldnt anwser and so on so finally I just reached my breaking point and out of anger and frustration I texted him telling him that I didnt think it wasnt going to work out. Which obviously I regreted so at that point my sister texted him telling him I didnt mean it I just didnt understand why he didnt call or anwser when I called him. According to his friend (the one my sister is dating) he is going to be back in town tomorrow. Im scared he hates me know since he hasnt called but really there could be alot of explaination behind it. I feel like a total idiot for texting that retarded message to him. The thing is, here latley no relationships seem to be working out for me and my sister says it's because I play hard to get (2 hard to get to be exact). I just have a theory, tell me if it's wrong. When I met a guy who I like I always act like I dont like them that much! I dont know if its me pushing them away or what! Im always like that though. I make it clear that I dont need a guy in my life. Like this current situation. Me and my sister both met the guys that this topic is about the weekend before last. We partied all weekend together and then they asked us out. Well my sister is all about letting her guy know she is into him by calling him all the time, letting him know she wants to see him all the time and so on. Im not like that at all with my guy. I try to make myself seem busy and let him know that I have a life. I dont think theres anything wrong with being like that but then I come to my next flaw which I think theres something wrong with, see I don't say hey I like you, or even make it seem that I do like him. Im just like whatever happens happens. The way I see it we dont have history together so if he dont call one day Im not going to call him cuz hey i dont want to look pyscho. I dont allow him to know how much I like him. Maybe the fear of rejection? dont know!! Is this wrong and how can I change this and actually let him know I like him and allow him and me to have a relationship together?

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I am little confused you seem to be a little more a head then him you just met him and your already having a hizzy fit about not answering that totally contradicts how you say you are you know what ever happens happens kind of attitude maybe ya gotta figure yourself out first.

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ya no...i kinda have the same problem as u....i dont play hard to get but i do not like to get so over emotionally involved...i like to have my own life...and that is not a problem...my sister has a boyfriend and she seems to be like your sister where she always is calling her boyfriend and telling him how much she misses him and so on. At one point, in my relationship with my current boyfriend, i didnt want to put myself out there and call his house phone and look like an idiot if he wasn't home...but after a while of dating him, i realized that in order for the relationship to work, i need to be a little more emotionally invested, and he needs to see that. I still have my own life and i make sure he knows that....he knows that i am extremely devoted to playing volleyball and my schoolwork and my friends....but he also knows that he is very important to me....by the way, i became more emotionally invested in the relationshp after about 3 or 4 months of the relationship...but nevertheless, i put myself out there, knowing that i cud end up feeling rejected, but i just told myself that he was worth it...it sounds to me like u don't know this guy too well so i dont think u need to be calling him everyday and telling him u miss him and getting into the relationship real emotionally quite yet....u do need to talk to him about the text message u wrote him and tell him exactly how u r feeling...but i have to say that it does seem like u r contradicting urself because you say that u try to stay busy but u got upset because he didn't call u back....check urself on that one and maybe have a discussion with him about it....if hes worth your time, he will be glad to listen to you and help in any way he can...then maybe, after a while of dating....perhaps u can learn to open up a bit more...kinda scary...but it turns out all good when thigns work out...good luck and i hope this helped a little...

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Well first off, I think that anyone would be alittle bit upset if you call someone your supposed to be dating and they don't call you back at all. I mean seriously I understand he's out of town and stuff but when I call him he could atleast anwser. Dunno, like I said Im not real upset about it because there could be alot of things why he's not calling. His friend (my sis's boyfriend) cant get ahold of him either so yea. The thing I meant by this post is that when I like a guy I kinda make myself seem like I dont like him at all because then if he's just using me then I wont feel like an idiot or something like that. It's hard for me to put myself out there. I dunno how to open up. He was supposed to be back in town today but still no sign of him so ive decided Im not going to call him anymore and just see what happens

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