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Why am I feeling this way?

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I dont understand why I am so anxious about all of this. Later this afternoon, I have to go to the DMV and take the written exam so I can change over my driver license and then also take care of changing my registration on my car.


I am really freaked out about taking this dumb written test and I dont know why. It isnt as though I dont know how to drive. I have been driving for over 10 years and I have a clean driving record and have had one for over 5 years. I have read over the questions that they may ask and I still need to go online and look over the possible test questions on the website.


I dont want to have to deal with taking care of the registration stuff and taking the stupid written test.


Yes, I am griping about things. I seem to also be extremely nervous about it. I have no idea why I am like this. It isnt as though I havent taken tests before. Just last year, I was working and going to school part time (taking tests, writing papers, etc) and this is a stupid DMV written test, not like a calculus or chemistry test.


I have no idea why I am so worried about this. It is as though in the last few months, everything worries me. If I had my choice, I wouldnt deal with this for another year.

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Like anyone you are genuinly concerned about not knowing.

You see because you arent sure of the outcome your mind consciously or subconsciously will make up various scenarios. In addition these different thoughts and views will bring about various emotions/feelings.

Regardless you are feeling a little streesed, which is OK, some stress is normal. In fact I like giong into an exam with that bit of stress/anxiety/butterflies in the stomach. It keeps you on guard, makes you look around to ensure things are OK.

Keep this feeling go in to your exam and give it your all. Take your time- all the time that is allowed and be sure to leave in good time for the exam! and if you are studying the smae day you are writing the exam, STOP!!! you shouldn't study the day of the exam or the night prior. Those times should be your time do what you want.

Good Luck, Im sure you'll do just fine!

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I like to play a game called 'what if...' when I find myself getting anxious. I just ask myself what I am so afraid of happening, and say, okay, what if that comes to pass? The answer is usually that nothing earth-shattering will happen, and I will find a solution. In your case, you might say 'what if I don't do well on my test?' And your answer would be that you would take it again, and do better next time. Ultimately, all we have is this moment, so worrying about the future is really futile. Although I certainly understand that not worrying is easier said than done!


Look at it this way: will this matter a week from now? six months from now? a year from now? Hopefully, no! So just take it easy, go and do the best you can, and cross whatever bridge you have to when you come to it.

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I ended up lucking out and only having to take the 16 question written test since I, at one time, did have a CA driver's license (1991) and I qualified for a renewal. I passed the written test and also took care of the car registration and got my new plates.


I am glad it is over. The written test wasnt too hard but my anxiety was high.


Thanks for all the good thoughts.

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