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I need help

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ok, ive been talkin to this girl at work(im shy) so im forcin my self to talk 2 her, i flirt with her, she is very outgoin,she gave me her number last month(so i knows she likes me, well at least last month) so i think she will be good for me, and help me overcome my shyness. last week my buddy that i work wit and his girl asked me to go over his house wit the girl that i work wit(kinda like a double date, wit a my friend, and her friend) ](*,) (i backed down) from it,each time i go on a date or just think about it, my stomach gets really upset, i start to sweat bad,my heart beats like crazy, my head spins. i try not to worry that much but it happens alllllll the time, and im gettin sick of it, its messin my life up, and this girl is a flirt/good lookin..alota guys talk to her at work.... i cant let a girl like this slip by me, any adivse please, Thank You

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This problem isnt an uncommon one. All you can do is face your fears because if you don;t then it will take over your life. Usually in situations like a double date it can be kind of akward, but you never know what might happen unless you go. Even if you do go and have a horrible time, you at least still made an appearance. And about the anxioty you get, just breath deep. I have severe anxioty, i know what its like man... and the biggest tip iv got is to face your fears.

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advice? you know what you have to do. next time dont say no. your missing out more by not going. if you happen to "screw up" then you will learn from that and improve. the only way i got better and am getting better at being more social with girls is by going out there. ive been rejected at times, and others i havent. if you dont make a move, someone else will.

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Take it from someone with experience, just do it. You won't like it. You WILL screw up. The trick is to learn from mistakes. Make a mistake, learn from it, and dont make it agian. Before you know it you won't be making many mistakes at all. Just sit back and take what life gives you, enjoy what's good and laughing in retrospect of whats bad. When you really think about it, acting like a dork in front of a girl isn't all that horrible. You be over it the next morning.


Good luck, have fun.

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