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World of Darkness 2: The light


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Reaching out to touch the light

Almost there, a little more

My fingers grasp, but can not hold

The light is gone, again

Here I am in a dark cavern known as life.


All my life I've waited

Yearned for a way to be free

To escape the chains that confine me

To unleash the passion that resides in my heart

The love, hope, joy...

To show the strength in us all.

To build the future.


But alas, it is not to be.

The chains still bound

The bars still hold me in

The more I try to escape,

The more they resist, hold me down.


Is there a point?

Is this all there is?

Is life meaningless?

Are we just here?

Are we just bodies wandering,

Stumbling in a maze that has no exit?


Is our only option surrender?

Surrender to the fate our lives hold?

Surrender to those who control us?

Surrender to the night?

Surrender to a world of darkness?


Times are tough, my heart is empty.

I've given up.

There is no more hope for the future.

Trust is gone, lies and deceit remain.

Love has turned to hate.

I understand I am alone, the world cares nothing for me.

I've accepted my world of darkness.


Then it happened!

The bars lifted, the chains broke

My passion was set free.

A dream come to life.

All is right again.

Now I see beauty in all there is.

Light has filled a world of darkness.


I smile just to smile

Laugh because it feels good

Love for all pours from my heart

There is hope for the future, hope for us all

There is a point to life

There is meaning

All there is, is more then we imagine.


I see it all now,

Sense you came into my life.

Can't you see?

You saved me from a world of darkness.

You are.... my light.

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volution - The whole light in the darkness theme is my theme in life. Most of my stuff follows the same pattern... dispare at first but ends with hope. Was going to do a third in the series, think I might have to write it soon.


hosswhispra - With how lonely life can seem, its nice to know we have company and people out there who are on the same page.


Thanks everyone.

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