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i need to stop smoking...AGAIN...help!

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ive smoked for a while now, and im angry for doing it, because i had already quit. how u can help: tell me ANYTHING thats really gross, bad for your health, personal expieriences, anything that will help me quit, i can do anything i put my mind to, i know that, but i just need a lil encouragement. thank u!

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I feel your pain. Once a smoker, it is always hard to quit - like any addiction. Those who have never been addicted do not know. Jsut as you may not know what it is like to be a heroin addict (me neither).


So here is what helped me the first time I quit - which lasted for 6 years of being smoke free. I figured there are two main things you go to deal with. The behavior addiction and the chemical. So I started cutting down and counting the number of cigarrettes I had a day. I limited myself two 4 a day, then 3 a day, then 2, then 1. After I reached one, it became really easy to skip a day or so, but then I never had more then 1 a day. After about 6 months of this, I then went cold turkey - for 6 years. I regressed once or twice over the years, but again never let myself smoke more than one a day.


Note that I went thru a horrible time 2 years ago and started again and have been working and going to school, but now that this stressful time has ended I am trying to quit again and going thru the same plan. Just started the 4 a day thing.


Remember it will take time, but if you are ready and want to quit you will! Hopefully neither one of us will start again!


Men and kids help me. But I am single now and no children of my own, so I gotta do this on my own.

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I am a smoker as well. I have tried to quit about 5 times since the age of 14. It is a very difficult thing to overcome. What I am experimenting with now is, Delay. Every time you go for a smoke, just look at the clock, for instance if the time is 11:00, say to yourself "ok, i wont go out for a cigarette until 11:45" for example. My dad tought me this great thing, he says "dont have a cigarette until after 12 midday" I have been constantly thinking about trying to resist my need for a cig before 12. Let me know how things work out. Best of luck, Andy.

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