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my gf just came over tonight and she had all new close on. she was already at my place when i got back from a buddies house. my parents have a bunch of friends over so there are alot of shoes by the front door. when she came down to me she asked me if i noticed anything and at first i ddidnt catch on to what she was talking about, i usually dont notice new close on people, but then i caught on and commented on her close. after i did that she got upset with me for not noticing her new shoes which were sitting with all the other shoes so i didnt know they were hers.

when i asker her where she bought her close at she said that she didnt buy them. when i asked her who bought them she was hesitant and she told be her friend, who i will name "bob" for the purpose of this story, bought them for her so i asked her what bob's last name was and she jsut shrugged her shoulders. then we got to discussing the price of them she said that they cost $230. i said something along the lines of "that is alot of money for a person to spend on their friend" and she said that he spent his pay check on her.


is it me or is this just a little bit suspisious? or am i just paranoid? should i be worried? if so what do you think?

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Number one.. she's trying to get your goat. By getting you to NOTICE.


Attention. Looking for attention from you. hmmmm does Bob really exist???


No one spends their paycheck on someone and buys a pair of $230 pair of shoes as a gesture of just friendship. Not unless they are in the habit of exchanging extravagant gifts.

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